What games have you finished in one sitting?

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#52 Posted by pyro1245 (4994 posts) -

I've done some casual speed runs of a few games.

  • Dark Souls 1 and 2
  • Super Mario World
  • Final Fantasy VII (Well... maybe not one sitting, but one day around 11 hours. Damn you Demon's Gate!)
  • Meat Gear Solid 2

Others are just short.

  • Sonic 1 and 2
  • Doki Doki Literature Club
  • Gone Home

Those are the ones that come to mind, anyway.

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#53 Posted by Gaming-Planet (19943 posts) -

I had no memory card so a lot of the time I had to finish the game the game in one sitting.

On the NES, you just needed cheat codes for some.

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#55 Posted by kedkad (6 posts) -

Far Cry 4 on ps4 I remember i spent almost one day non-stopping playing it until i finished the story

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#56 Edited by cybot4fun (6 posts) -

Warcraft 3 campaigns as I remember.

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#57 Posted by UglyMonsterFace (3 posts) -

I finished Inside and Little Nightmares in one sitting on my second playthroughs.

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#58 Posted by CrunchyMix (23 posts) -

I think the newest game I’ve finished in one sitting is Journey. Some classic game’s I can do it no problem.

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#59 Posted by Pedro (34442 posts) -

Journey and Qube 2 comes to mind.

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#60 Edited by sakaiXx (5486 posts) -

Pokemon leaf green. I did use an emulator that able to speed 2x the game. Finished the game by the evening. Blastoise with surf and water pump is hella effective

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#61 Posted by Yams1980 (3469 posts) -

Too many to list but any game below 2 hrs i likely finished in 1 setting. Like those Telltale games are great examples, usually less than 2 hrs to finish 1 episode.

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#62 Posted by JamesIssac (17 posts) -

Not in one sitting but I had completed god 2 in two sitting. Anyone here who have done same thing

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#63 Posted by Speeny (1632 posts) -

@sakaixx: Yeah I remember that Pokemon being OP as hell.

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#64 Posted by digipointer (3 posts) -

great you are crazy about this game....

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#65 Posted by npiet1 (2249 posts) -

I've done, Day of the Tentacle, Zelda, Super Mario Brothers 1 and 3 in the same sitting (not all at once). So many NES games.

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#66 Posted by danielpacheco (159 posts) -

Hotline Miami.

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#67 Posted by Doerevolt (41 posts) -

Every Modern Warfare title

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#68 Posted by Enragedhydra (1081 posts) -

If you can call it a game, I finished all the Telltale games I played in one sitting

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#69 Posted by Krocku (3 posts) -

the silent age http://the-silent-age.uptrivial.com/en/us/android/ for one visit to a bathroom )))