What games have you dropped recently?

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For me, none. That's because I tend to keep my "to play" list pretty small and manageable I guess.

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Dropped, as in stopped playing?

Ooof, a few. AC: Odyssey got a little tedious for me. I really enjoyed part 1 of the "Legacy of the First Blade" DLC and the second part had a great intro mission, but then it branched out into these five side missions or something and I was like "Ugh, here we go again...". My character is level 44, a few levels shy of 50 which is where everything seems to unlock and/or be accessible, so I feel it's only going to get worse haha. I'll get back to it sooner or later, but for now it's on the backburner.

Let's see what else...Elite: Dangerous. The new 4.0 patch came out and it changed a lot of things, most notably exploration (something I enjoyed but found a bit tiresome) and mining (something I was interested in, but heard was very very boring). I went back to it and tried out both these things and played the everloving crap out of it, I'm talking like 20 hours over a week (that's a lot for me, fyi, for one game). It was great and don't let me scare you away from trying Elite: Dangerous, especially after this awesome update, but I tend to burn out on things quickly, especially if I over-play it.

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Well, I haven't played God of War in about a month. I was at another tedious axe puzzle that I didn't want to keep trying to figure out. I like the original trilogy. This Last of Us wannabe sucks.

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I bought 2 Indie darlings on Switch, in Undertale and Cave Story... and couldn't get into either of them, sadly :(

Undertale was definitely interesting, but the combat got tedious for me in the end (I played like 2/3 of it). Cave Story I played about 1/3 of it, but it just wasn't clicking with me for some reason.

Luckily there's plenty more to choose from.

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AC Odessey. It is not that the game is that bad, but for everything it does do, there is other game that is doing the same better. But I played over 30 hours of it, so I'm okay with that.

Dragon Quest 11. The game is amazing, I played over 50 hours of it. But I need a break. I'll return to it someday for sure.

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Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

Should have played this game before the main LiS. I have Zero interested in what happened between Chloe and Rachel after playing LiS. Better left it mysterious

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After the recent professions update that pretty much circumvented all your hard work from the previous grinding has really put me off to the point I've dropped it. It's normally my go to game so I'll probably go back to it eventually but right now I never touch it.

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FFXIII-2 but I really need to pick it back up again. Fallout 4 with no desire to play again any time soon. Infamous: Second Son, I'll beat it eventually since I beat every other one. The Last of Us, I hate zombie games/horror films, etc

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I'm on the epilogue of RDR2 but just kinda stopped playing.

Got the final DLC for Spider-Man to do too but again, just stopped playing since the New Year.

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Depends on the context of "dropped"

My assumption is not giving a game a good amont of hours, less than thrilled to ever return, and will unlikely see development credits at some kind of climax?

For me that would be Super Smash Bros Ultimate, never did much of the single player content, and gave up with online match making. Went back one last time and got bored at just under six hours of play.

I drop a few games anyway because I judge a game within a set amont of hours of play, what I want out of the experience, and if I'm getting it. While I don't think every game I discard are bad, they're just not for my taste in games. The Witcher III, Uncharted 3, Until Dawn, System Shock 2, Gothic, and Xcom 2; just to name a few. And I have no regrets, I felt these games, while had merits, are not the kind of gaming experience I'm after. That's as polite as I can explain it, without roasting these games.

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Destiny 2, its dead as crap lol

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@ug_vader: How is it dead? I play it a lot and there's always lots of people playing.

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I dropped Far Cry 5 behind the TV a few months ago. I found it the other week while unplugging my ps3.

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Fallout 4 I just can't do it that engine is on its last legs.

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Red dead 2. I'm on chapter 6 and there's just no progression to push me forward in the game. I'm doing the same shit in chapter 6 I did in chapter 1 only with different clothes and a few upgrades on my guns. The story for a game usually pushes me to complete it, but it's just too predictable in RDR2. (Hint, watch out for the guy that dresses in red and black like a Sith lord and looks like Angel Eyes from the good, bad, and the ugly. Chances are he's the bad guy.)

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I tried replaying Syndicate 2012 it has aged horribly didn't get that far until I uninstalled.

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I tried FTP WoW out of curiously and it's certainly a drag so far. It's unfortunate because I find the lore so interesting, I'm just not big on MMOs.