What games do you play when you want to wind down?

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For me, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as chaotic as that game can be.

When Animal Crossing is released for the Switch...that too.

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Do you mean like relaxing games that don't take itself seriously?

No Man's Sky comes to mind. It's a good relaxing game when I want to wind down by not taking it too seriously. I'll also add Sonic Adventure 1/2 as well.

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Usually games I'm familiar with or at least mechanically. I rarely try something new, story driven, or a bloated sandbox if I'm trying to relax.

Something like Tetris, Monster Hunter, CastleVania, Disgaea for example(s) are impulsive gaming experiences.

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I like to play pool games or pinball games, those are the first games come to mind. Trials Rising also I'd like to mention that I don't take seriously, just for relaxing and fun /enjoyment.

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Tetris is a good one.

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Zaccaria pinball.

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@robert_sparkes said:

Zaccaria pinball.

Nice! I'll choose that along with Pinball FX.

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I usually just break out my PS Vita and play some Attack on Titan. It's really relaxing to swing out and take out a whole gang of titans using Colonel Levi or Mikasa. I love the movement mechanics as well. It feels like you're really in Attack on Titan imo

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Rocket League or Skyrim.

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Devil Daggers

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None ATM but it use to be F.E.A.R. combat for some quick death matches.

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After casually collecting various hourly bonuses on a few mobile games I play, I spend them every other day when I unwind.

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I usually play Dota 2 to wind down but sometimes I prefer watching steamers play Dota 2!! I recently watched WCG Dota 2 Qualifiers on twitch!


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I used to go into GTAV and just drive around sometimes. See how long I could maintain top speed without a collision. Look for ramps to hit or just take in the scenery and the people. Lots of arrests and police chases to witness.

Hunting in RDR2 can be pretty calming. I can burn a couple hours shooting and skinning and not even notice.

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#15 Posted by omegaMaster (1270 posts) -

The Last of Us Multiplayer. Shooting enemies releases stress and brings joy lol

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Games where I can just freeroam around doing nothing. Such as GTAV or Skyrim.

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casual mobile games, match3

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it will difinetly be Mario Kart 8 Deluxe