What game worlds have the most detail? (Lore/Easter Eggs, not just graphics)

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So, of course, today's graphics are substantially better than they ever were in past years. But today's post isn't about that.

I simply want to ask, which games of all time do you feel have worlds with the most easter eggs/details plopped into the levels?

I'm not talking about things like collectible books in The Elder Scrolls, but just aesthetic details put in the game's map that hint at something bigger in the game's universe.

The game doesn't have to be open world either. I find Max Payne 1 and 2 are really good at achieving these subtle hints, for example.

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Believe it's usually dubbed 'environmental world building'.

Storytelling without the need of cutscenes and taking the player out the experience.

And in my opinion Survival Horror games tend to be the best at that. A single room usually gives so much attention to the finer details. And it's intended because in Survival Horror part of the charm is grasping at the mystery_

Well, for the most part. I find The Evil Within lacking in that area outside some rare examples despite it being one of my favorite SH franchises. Chapter 9: The Cruellest Intentions is a very good example of environmental world building though. One of the best sections in any Survival Horror game I've ever played. So well crafted, and designed. Shame the rest of the first game has mixed results.

However for overall- Siren, Resident Evil, and Silent Hill games tend to be the shining example.

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Recently? Bloodborne. It does lore building the best of all soulsborne game.

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GTA III but I'm not the expert on this.

With the Dodo you can make it to the top of the skeleton highrise, Donald Love's place, and Ghost City.

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Mortal Kombat

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  • Splinter Cell takes into account where you leave bodies earlier in the levels, raising alarms and giving AI better equipment if you continue doing it.

  • In Splinter Cell 3 the AI can actually hear you on mic and react to it.

  • If the AI is triggered, and not sure where the player is, it will blindly shoot some rounds off in a dark area it suspects the player to be

  • The dialogue in Splinter Cell 3 changes and takes into account if a player has already done a level depending on their actions within the objectives of the map

  • Environmental effects like thunder will temporary blind the player and light them up

  • Environmental effects like steam will make players invisible but allow them to see with thermal googles, yet still somewhat be viable in silhouette to enemies if the lights are not turned off/removed

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@uninspiredcup: This isn't exactly what I was asking, but are there any videos online showcasing the dynamic nature of the Splinter Cell games depending on how well/poorly you play? I hear about it all the time, almost every Splinter Cell game has some unfortunate incompatibility with modern OSes, and I'm late to the party.

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Witcher 3, side quests, real, breathing side quests, as far as the eye can see.

I really always felt like that world was alive.

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The Elder Scrolls series has such a vast history of lore from its many letters, and books and lore from online websites.

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@livingdeadman: From my original post:
"I'm not talking about things like collectible books in The Elder Scrolls"

Thank you.

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Pikmin is great. Not only are the environments beautifully detailed, but the collectibles and monsters get their own funny entries in a diary / encyclopedia. It's actually fun to read what the characters say about the items collected.

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COD zombies, always has great Easter eggs though some of them really part of the game.

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RDR2 and GTA5 are pretty insane when it comes to that

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@Zuon: Oh sorry. I think you might want to look into the Life is Strange series. The main character always has something to say about the details in the game world.

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best open world games with good graphics