What game are you playing right now?

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@RSM-HQ said:


Hope you have some friends to play with. Monster Hunter is centrally designed for groups.

can i play it local co-op? the girlfriend will probably play it with me. beyond that i'll struggle, there's one guy at work i know whose got it.

@RSM-HQ said:


Another quick one would be; if it flys? flash pods. Doesn't matter if it's a Rathian or Teostra, flash pods are life.

i'm sure that will mean more to me once i pick it up :)

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can i play it local co-op? the girlfriend will probably play it with me. beyond that i'll struggle, there's one guy at work i know whose got it.

No local cooperation I'm afraid in Monster Hunter. She can help you in spirit if that counts :D

i'm sure that will mean more to me once i pick it up :)

Just a note to look back on when an intimidating Rathalos is flying over you.

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Sea of Thieves

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  • Tekken 7
  • Forza 7
  • Injustice 2
  • Gears of War 4
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I play a lot of fortnite, one of my favorites!

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I just started a second run of Far Cry 5. I got 100% completion on my first run. Not sure I wanna bother with finding all the collectibles again though.

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Currently playing Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild. Game is beyond addictive. When taking a break from BOTW, I'm into NHL 18'.

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Max Payne 2 PC I always go back to the classics.

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also in the playstore.

Such an addictive game !

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Currently Mafia 3 and Forza 7

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DBZ fighter, Fortnite, and Bayonetta1&2 which are such dope games highly recommend

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Destiny 2

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Dead Space. Game is awesome.

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I'm playing Overdrive ^^ It's a mobile game, cyber ninja fighting adventure style

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Currently playing FC5

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Date sim. It is a Japanese dating simulator. Very exciting game, I suppose. The only thing is I had to translate it by myself, because for some reason I didn’t find English. I used https://alconost.com/en/services/game-localization , satisfied with the result

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I'm playing Mario Odyssey and Mario+Rabbit.

I'll probably replay Zero Escape trilogy again those games were so nice.

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My rotation lately has been,

FC5, PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Stick of Truth and Final Fantasy.

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Hellblade on XB1 X... great game so far!

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FarCry5.... Almost finished the story, and most missions too. Brill game. GOTY material.

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loving far cry 5

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"Champions of Anteria" - not very interesting

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Playing Rocket League for MP and conquering in Starpoint Gemini Warlords for SP.

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Still loving Mafia 3 taking up most of my time Forza 7 taking a back seat at the moment.

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Pure farming

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I've been playing Fire Emblem: Warriors on Switch trying to 100% the DLC.

I just finished building a new PC, so I've also been playing Assassin's Creed: Unity to get caught up in the series. Also, I just got the season passes really cheap for Watch Dogs 1 and 2, so I'll be playing that soon. All look amazing at maxed settings on this:


I also want to replay Thief to test it out on max settings. Love that game.

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Finished Hellblade yesterday... thinking about starting it again straight away actually. It's such an intense experience that I have a feeling I'll enjoy it more the second time, as it will allow me to pick up on little things I missed the first time. Great game.

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Twin Cobra on my Samsung smart tv by Toaplan.

There is some slowdown and you have infinite lives but still ok.

Also am recreating Bristol in Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe.

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FarCry 2 and LA noire VR case files.

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NG+ On Horizon Zero Dawn.

Hey, wake up Aloy, its time to continue our grand adventure!

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replaying AC Unity for like the 4th time, the game is just that great and underrated

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God Of War collection, Dragon Age Inquisition & Dead Space 2. They're good so far.

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assisan's creed origin

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@nibbin1191 said:

Warframe.....I can't put it down :O

Crazy game. I should re-install it.

I am halfway trough a Zodiac Age run. I started Divinity Original Sin a few weeks back and am enjoying it a lot.

I also picked up PUBG, which is a lot of fun so far, and i still play Siege sporadically.

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Wolfenstein: The New Age

Titan Quest

Grim Dawn

Doom 3... don't judge me

I did pick up GTA V for my PS3 for 10 bucks so I'm gonna try that soon!

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Completed God of War III: Remastered this weekend in preparation for the new one. Such an amazing game, can't believe I've gone so many years without playing it again.

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Right now I am playing a Cosmic Gate game.

Here is a link: https://cosmicgate.online/login.php

It is a cool game, all the actions take place in space. Design and atmosphere of the game is super!

It worth trying!

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Not sure if anyone knows.

A very fast TCG, called Card Monsters.

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I'm switching between Far Cry 5 and Alice: Madness Returns. Got a HUGE list of unplayed games on Steam, so yeah.