What game are you playing right now?

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I am currently on the Destiny 2, Playerunknowns battlegrounds, CODWW2, it's amazing to play these game series.

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Zelda: Twilight Princess picross, I just completed the micross puzzle.

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State of decay 2

Fable Anniversary-gamepass

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I remember safari hunt on master system vividly but my first proper memory was sonic on mega drive. I also remember getting sonic 2 and playing it for 2 years.

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Warframe has got it's hooks back in me. Something about zooming around like a crazy person and slicing/shooting everything in sight never completely gets old.

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Anyone remember pacman?


You can't beat a stroll down memory lane. I found an online version of the pacman arcade game a few days ago. Takes you right back.


I've played it a fair few times over the last day or so. I've also come across this site https://www.siliconflip.com which is pretty good if you like general knowledge games. I've played it a few good times without success though. I think I might have lowered the average percentage of wins quite considerably.

I'm on ubuntu at the moment so limited to what I can play. I'm still looking for a decent monopoly version for ubuntu.

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Lets go pikachu

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Finally I gave up with traditionsl games ( mostly), cause I had problems with and in my family. So than I decided to play casino. Thit is my game for now, I palyed casino in our city but saw that the people I know looked strange at me and I decided to go away from endress tips and talks about my life and moved into online ones.

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I am currently watching my partner playing Portal 2. For research purposes.

I am watching very attentively and making notes. Does this count?

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So many games on gamepass pretty incredible value. Going to run through tomb raider definitive edition love that game.

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Superheroes Galaxy - this is a pretty new mobile game which I am into currently. I like how there is so many characters to choose from and the storyline is pretty interesting as well. Also, the devs are pretty generous with ingame and fb events rewards.

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@fanboymctroll: L.A Noire is so good and I'm working towards the platinum on it. Right now I'm playing Final Fantasy X remaster though because i was late to the party for the FF games, absolutely loving it though.

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Sometime on my day off, I will be playing Battlefield V, Dead or Alive 6 and Trials Rising on my Xbox One. I would like to play Halo:MCC, but still full of glitches and a all around broken game. Tired of getting pissed off by just trying to get onto the multiplayer, then when I finally get into one, I get a-holes with team killing, jumping out of games, etc.... Very frustrating. So a good time of my game playing is with other games, other than Halo.

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Still playing Mario Odyssey... I'm addicted!

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Since I have a busy schedule, this is the game that I would recommend.

<a href="https://www.torn.com/2229131" ><img src="https://www.torn.com/sigs/15_2229131.png" /></a>

If you have registered, just PM me. I will guide you along the way.

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Tomb Raider definitive edition reminds me how good this game was.

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Strate up MMORPGs:

1. Entropia Universe

2. ESO

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Playing Canon and Soldiers (recommended by my friend), PUBG Mobile (downloaded from apknite), Double Dragon (one of my favs)

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Shattered Planet on my tablet.

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Fleazer. A Fun and addictive game similar to frogger, but different in it's own way.


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uncharted 3 really enjoying going through the series.

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The Division 2 & Devil May Cry 5 all on PC.

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Far Cry New Dawn... but I'm probably going to return it. Not doing it for me.

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csgo and dota2

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I am not really playing anything right now actually this second/today I ended up just watching Syfy channel a lot of great programming there.

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Zelda BoTW! I finally got a switch for smash bros ultimate, so I thought I might as well get BoTW too. It's really enjoyable. To the point where I'll stay up hours after I should've gone to bed :p

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Trying to finish off Golf Story, then I'm probably going to buy The Red Strings Club (which looks awesome).

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Finished Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight the other day, loved it.

Currently playing Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut, not really feeling it tbh.

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Currently playing Zombie Shooter - Death Hospital, Ikemen Sengoku, and Fire Emblem Heroes

mostly mobile games since it's easier to access, but I do miss playing on PC and consoles

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Blaster Master Zero 2 and it is phenomenal!!

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Currently playing Metro: Exodus and Don't Starve Hamlet.

I like both games, especially I was impressed by Metro.

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Finished DMC 5. Will try the other difficulties later. Gonna be playing DS trilogy for the next 6 months.

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Currently I'm on a nostalgia trip playing Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne. I installed it again because I heard about this tournament world cyber games and they announced that WC3 was one of the games they were hosting. And in 2019, so I thought it was pretty awesome. I wanted to be a young kid again. Playing the whole campaign and the customs maps with friends and family.

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Conan Exiles. I used to play multiplayer but I never really tried out everything before the server died and the other players got bored so now I'm playing it single player at my own pace. Very cool and it definitely improved after all this time

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Playing Last Blade. Really nice battle system, easy to understand, difficult to master. The best kind of fighting game.

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Currently Path of Exile, Skyrim and Yakuza Kiwami.