What game are you playing right now?

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#651 Posted by Jenfortnitelife (10 posts) -

I'll finish Halo first edition in legendary difficulty

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Star Craft 2. Gotta beat that platinum barrier.

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#653 Posted by robert_sparkes (3094 posts) -

Plan on finishing up halo 1 on the MCC then moving onto walking dead a new frontier. The only walking dead telltale game I haven't played.

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#655 Posted by vinter (11 posts) -

Empires and Puzzles on my phone. Its pretty good

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#657 Posted by Mandzilla (4110 posts) -

Valkyria Chronicles 4. I'm doing pretty well so far - all missions A ranked apart from that one squad stories battle where I got a B. 🙄

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#659 Posted by robert_sparkes (3094 posts) -

Finished up halo 1 on the master chief collection still a really solid fps enjoyed going back once again.

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#660 Posted by deactivated-5c99c8dd95a30 (4 posts) -

hahah I think it's interesting

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#661 Posted by sukraj (27859 posts) -

far cry 5

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#662 Posted by Jacknapes (38 posts) -

Assassin's Creed Odyssey for me. Just started, playing as Kassandra.

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#663 Posted by TryIt (13157 posts) -

if you dont know building games very well (as in actually have played any of them) then you might not fully understand what this video shows but its best I got to describe what I am playing right now.

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#664 Posted by henrythefifth (2502 posts) -

Deus Ex Mankind Divided on PS4.

It feels great to play this sort of game after lots of huge open world maps. The areas in Deus Ex are pretty small and contained, so you can really explore every corner for secrets without getting exhausted.

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#665 Posted by AlexanderSlous (4 posts) -

I'm playing Red Dead Redemption to prepare for the 26th!

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#666 Posted by phbz (4507 posts) -

FH4, Sinner, HL2... Metro, RDR and Wolfenstein. Damn Xbox BC and Gamepass are crushing me!!!

And now my GF wants me to buy This is the Police 2 to play with her on the Switch.

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i was playing some old games like alan wake some horror story game i love it and mafia 2 too.

Old but Gold Lucky Patcher or 9apps and Vidmate are not the same.

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Still playing Horizon Zero Dawn. Finished it few months ago, but it was sooo good, i came back to complete it 100% :DD I really enjoyed game's open world, combats and overall feeling when playing. Also main character being a girl - suuuper cool ;)

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#669 Posted by uninspiredcup (33717 posts) -

Playing through story shit in Soul Caliber.

Pretty good, for a fighting game. Certainly better written than SFV's.

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Gotta finish AC Odyssey before RDR2 comes out

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#671 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4865 posts) -

@alexanderslous said:

I'm playing Red Dead Redemption to prepare for the 26th!

I too am playing RDR.

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I play now Realm Royal

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#673 Posted by Steve5XG (178 posts) -

Now playing Valiant Hearts The Great War.

Easygoing game, graphics are funny and really didactic about history.

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#674 Edited by phbz (4507 posts) -

@steve5xg: Really enjoyed that one. I wish they had started an historical series with this game, covering not only wars but also civil rights, science, industrial revolution and so on. I would buy that.

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#676 Posted by Enragedhydra (1083 posts) -

The Darkness Xbox 360
Sniper Ghost Warrior Xbox 360
Golden Axe Sega Master Drive
Truxton Sega Master Drive

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#677 Posted by LovelyJunkoBits (4 posts) -

Pokemon Ultra Sun

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#678 Posted by Steve5XG (178 posts) -

@phbz: totally agree with you. I would definitelly buy it.

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#679 Posted by Sevenizz (3912 posts) -

Forza Horizon 4 and Half Life 2 - on Xbox One X.

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#680 Posted by Sideer (29 posts) -

still final fantasy X on ps2, never stopped since highschool :D

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#681 Posted by henrythefifth (2502 posts) -

Decided to just chill, and started replaying GTAV. And its much more fun than I remembered.

Great game for a break from all those massively serious releases where you have to grind for 100 hours to beat them..

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#682 Posted by pritisinghip (1 posts) -

grand theft auto v, that is really awesome game.

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#683 Posted by archcherub (9 posts) -

so many games to play. i just installed borderlands :P

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#684 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2441 posts) -

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep but will switch over to glorious Red Dead Redemption 2 as soon as I get off work lol

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#685 Edited by DEVILinIRON (4865 posts) -

Final Fantasy IX. I want to see what the big deal is about it. So far I'm six hours in... I'm not into it.

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#686 Posted by DethByChick (10 posts) -

I'm playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey at the moment! I haven't played an AC game for a while, but it reminds me why I loved the games in the first place.

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#688 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4865 posts) -

Nethack with Vulture GUI

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Islandoom - free browser strategy. Probably the reason why I play it, is because studio I work for is making the game, but nevertheless, it can suck you in once you join an alliance with other players and start serious ship battles.

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#690 Posted by l34052 (3902 posts) -

I still play GTA V almost daily and everytime I find something I didn't know about before.

For me at least it's almost the perfect video game.

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#691 Posted by JimB (2473 posts) -

Divinity the Original Sin II

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#692 Posted by DragonFist777 (2 posts) -

Currently playing this commercial failed masterpiece between the HELL of work and life...


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Because I'm finally taking a healthly break from Monster Hunter: World and wasted Bāru in Disgaea Refine_

I got the CastleVania collection on PS4, already beat Rondo of Blood once with Richter. However it is a game I beat a few times in 2017 so my memory was already fresh. It's a great port and the sound effects coming from the controller is awesome. Would recommend to CastleVania fans! Cannot speak for the quality of SotN yet however.

Also been playing Soul Calibur VI since launch (Taki main), haven't touched other modes and looks like you can unlock someone in a story or something. Yet I've stuck to Rank Matches, SC isn't exactly a beloved Fighting franchise for competitive play so I expect RM to die out after a month. It's my first Fighter since Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev2 so was excited to dabble with online matches. And despite the rants I've seen people have it's well worth the price and faithful to the series. Unlike Tekken 7, which is streamlined garbage.

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#694 Posted by DEVILinIRON (4865 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption 2

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#695 Posted by Barney_Ross (9 posts) -

Call of Duty Modern Warfare. By the way is there fans of this game ?

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#696 Posted by Speeny (1779 posts) -

Overcooked 2 with a friend, ACNL and Mario Party.

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#697 Posted by oxiedo (65 posts) -

I'm playing fifa 19 ultimate team and battlefield 1

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#698 Posted by ChristianSino (29 posts) -

Plants vs Zombies for now on mobile

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#699 Posted by thedeepvi (5 posts) -

I have been playing FIFA 19 since the first day released. However, it is just wasting time. it is full of glitches :(
Nowadays, I am playing Fortnite xD

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#700 Edited by TheGirlWithRats (1 posts) -

Alien: Isolation