What Final Fantasy game would you like to see remade?

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#1 Posted by Speeny (1481 posts) -

So, the new FFVII remake trailer was released today. (About time...)

It's got me thinking, what other Final Fantasy game would you like to see remade completely from scratch?

For me, I'd like to go with X but I think it's too soon. Plus, I've only ever played VII & X. :(

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#2 Posted by RSM-HQ (8208 posts) -

As someone who doesn't really play any of the series.

The only real answer is Final Fantasy XIII

. . . I'll see myself out.

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#3 Posted by Yams1980 (3420 posts) -

I think they need to remake FF 8. There was a half assed Steam release, but it was really bad. It used midi music instead of the high quality music that was in the original playstation game. There is a fix someone made for this but its not ideal and is not as good as the original music and has been altered too much. They should actually hire voice actors and fully voice the game instead of just releasing it in the same state again. If that bugs people, they can always turn off the voices in the settings.

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#4 Posted by Speeny (1481 posts) -

@Yams1980: Ah right. Will need to keep that in mind for when I get around to playing it. A lot of Steam ports seem to be a hit or miss these days.

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#5 Posted by Disgrace (17 posts) -

I want to see a remake of FFVIII

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#6 Posted by sakaiXx (5296 posts) -

A Remake of FFTactics and Vagrant Story. Ivalice really needs the love, it has the best world building out of all FF games.

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#7 Posted by Archangel3371 (27551 posts) -

Final Fantasy VIII would be my top pick.

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#8 Posted by Raining51 (800 posts) -

one... None of them really.

Er, just none rather...

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#9 Edited by thehig1 (7240 posts) -

@raining51: agree with this, not because I don't like Final Fantasy series.

They havnt made a good final fantasy game for nearly 10 years the current team at square are either not capable of unwilling to do a remake well.

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#10 Posted by omegaMaster (1224 posts) -

Final Fantasy 6, 8 and 9.

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#11 Edited by Lembu90 (534 posts) -

None. Seriously. I also hate the FF VII Remake and more accurately Nomura's stance on the original game especially its turn-based battle system. He remade the entire game not really because of the demands from the fans but rather his own desire to eliminate the turn-based system and replaced it with generic real-time hack-and-slash one, just like he wanted for decades. Finally Cloud can swing his big fat sword whenever, wherever player(and Nomura) wants. He admit that he was forced to pick turn-based option due to the limitations of consoles and PCs of that time. Finally Nomura can change his iconic game into a soulless, uglier clone of FFXV that were cut into several smaller pieces. Even more infuriating most fanboys actually agree with Nomura's decision and militantly defending it, saying that the original turn-based system is outdated, too much reading, too much waiting, etc.

Seriously f**k Square-Enix and f**k Tetsuya Nomura for ruining one of my favorite game in my childhood. They already ruined my childhood favorite Front Mission with Left Alive. Most critics already agreed with me that LA is a crap but countless of SE fanboys still religiously, militantly defending it. SE is done for me.

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#12 Posted by lucidique (570 posts) -

@Archangel3371 said:

Final Fantasy VIII would be my top pick.

I totally agree. Maybe even more than VII at this point.

VIII was so classy, and has such an amazing soundtrack.

The junction system, tough, they can take that whole thing out back and shoot it in the mouth.

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#13 Posted by Speeny (1481 posts) -

@lembu90: Yeah, I miss the turn-based system myself. It really does suck & it's such an important aspect to a good Final Fantasy game. Imagine if they surprised us and gave the option to use the real time combat system or turned based?

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#14 Posted by Lembu90 (534 posts) -

@speeny: Extremely unlikely due to Nomura's stance on turn-based battle system and the current FFXV's popularity. People would rather play shallow hack-and-slash game rather than turn-based one if they given choice.

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#15 Posted by Speeny (1481 posts) -

@lembu90: Ah that sucks. :( But I guess we'll see.

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#16 Posted by Clefdefa (717 posts) -

Tactics was amazing. I replayed it not so long ago and the story reminded me of Game Of Throne with Delita backstabbing everyone to get to the throne.

6 Was such an amazing game, beautiful story, a lot of amazing idea a little limited by the SNES, many hidden caracters and so much cool stuff like Celeste who became our main caracter in a part of the game.

4 was also amazing game and one of the few games that we see the caracters grow old or change.

I didn't enjoy 8, X, X-2, XII, XIII and XV. I did love XIII-2 and Lightning return and also IX was also very interesting to me but I didn't like how heroic Zidane is.

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#17 Posted by garywood69 (513 posts) -

FF6 with the Octopath Traveler engine. That'd be awesome. Keep its retro charm.

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#18 Edited by Raining51 (800 posts) -

Not one.

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#19 Posted by CTR360 (8665 posts) -

final fantasy 8

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#20 Posted by ArchoNils2 (10329 posts) -

FF7, a real remake, not some reimagining that changes half the game

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#21 Posted by Valgaav_219 (2292 posts) -

- Final Fantasy VI (Same battle system. Same music. Just update visuals and completely remake the game)

- Final Fantasy VIII (I'm open to changes ala FFVII Remake. Just don't change the story, characters, or world)

- Final Fantasy X (Another one of my faves. No remake required, though. FFX/X-2 Remaster on PS4 is good enough)

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#22 Posted by SaltSlasher (997 posts) -

If you mean, chop it up and remove turn based and swap it for live action KH style, then maybe a SNES FF, and give it LttP like fighting but still keep traditional turn based for the big bosses.

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#23 Posted by Shantmaster_K (1393 posts) -

I tried FF13, but didn't really get into it. Otherwise, I haven't played any of the FF, but I am looking forward to playing FFVII for the first time.