What does your gaming set up look like?

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With the next consoles about a month away, some gamers I have spoken to are upgrading their HDTVs and home audio systems.

That being said, are you planning to do the same? Or are you sticking with your current set-up? And if so what does your current set up look like....

Personally I have no plans to upgrade. My PS3 is connected to a 55" 1080p Panasonic Plasma ST50, I use turtle beach headsets....My 360 is connected to a 55" 1080p Samsung F7100 LED, and I have the option of using Turtle beach headsets or 5.1 surround, polk audio speakers and a Denon receiver...

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No plans to upgrade tv or entertainment set as I'm really happy with them - currently a 39" LED-LCD HDTV, Yamaha receiver with Bose speakers, and a Z-Line tv stand. I do however, like to re-arrange the room when I get a new expensive electronic hardware just to change things and freshen things up a bit.

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I have a 42 inch Samsung that I paid as much for two years ago as I can now get a 60 Inch LED HDTV for. I freaking hate buying TVs. Goddammit. Have the Wii U hooked up to it with a pretty basic Samsung sound system of some kind I got at Sears on mark down. Want to upgrade both sometimes in the middle of next year. I want a 60 - 70 inch 120 hz LED HDTV, then I'll move the 42 inch Sammy to my bedroom.

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50in' LED 1080p HDTV (Sony)

Playstation 3

Audio Technica M50 Headphones

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Nah not upgrading my main setup as yet. I have a 47in' LCD LG 3D 1080p smart TV (thats a lot of words for one device) and my PS3 hooked into that.

We only have a small house so no kind of sound boosts for me. When I upgrade I am just replacing my PS3 with PS4 and jobs a good un.

I am thinking of upping my TV in the little bedroom though because I use it to connect my gaming rig and my Xbox 360, but it only has one HDMI port on it so it is a bit of a pain to swap the cables every time I want to play GTAV.

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If you are interested in a bang for your buck 60 " LED....Vizio's M series is a great deal if you want to stay under 1600 bucks...

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It looks like this


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Can we use pictures to illustrate our setups?! Because I feel like I should, aha.

I have a 32" Technika LCD TV, just a cheap old thing from the depths of the bargain section in local supermarkets xD That has my PS3 and soon to be sold Xbox 360 plugged into it at the moment, as well as my PS2 which I've kept plugged in there for no reason really, it's just nice to have it there if I ever decide to play some old classics! Next to that on the same desk I have a 21.5" LCD display for my PC, which only runs through VGA though which is disapointing. My PC has an i5 Quad Core @ 2.3GHz, a 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT420 Graphics Card, 6GB RAM and a 1TB HDD. Pretty outdated now but I rarely play games anymore so it gets the job done, I plan on selling it to get a laptop aha. I have a Cyborg 5 keyboard and i DID have a R.A.T 3 mouse but it broke and has been replaced with a cheap Trust Desktop Mouse xD

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I have the XBox One preordered. My gaming setup won't change, except that I'll be getting a pair of Turtle Beach XO Seven headphones for the XBOne (right now, I have a pair of Turtle Beach headphones for my 360). Right now, my XBox 360, Wii U, and SNES are connected to my Sharp Aquos 40'' LCD TV. I'll be using the same TV for the XBOne, and I'll be getting rid of my 360.

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Recently upgraded to a 47" LG 3D LA7400 LED Smart TV and have it connected with Monster ISF 1250 HDMI cables , and a Bose 321 GS II system. Waiting for Nov 15th :D

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I have my PS3 hooked up to my Sony Bravia in living room. 360 in my bedroom. Don't know what happened to my Wii, I can't find it. Oh and my gaming laptop in my balcony which I almost forgot, I should probably get it back inside. And my small gaming laptop in my car. That's my current setup for now.

I might get PS4 when its released.

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I have an Xbox 360 hooked up to a 55 inch HDTV and sound bar. The picture looks good and it sounds good.

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I have my Onkyo Reciever connected to my 8 month old samsung led 1080p tv with some kef 5.1 speakers.

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It looks like i need a job....

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i am kind of set, i bought a new tv a few months ago, also bought a new headset not too long ago. Got a pc if i get tired of my PS4, PS3 or 360 games

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I currently have my PC hooked up to a 24 inch touchscreen monitor and my 360 is connected to a 22 inch touchscreen monitor. Both monitors are Planar.

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btw, if you're wondering what the games are (I know it's low res and shitty img quality), they are:

On the shelf by the mid speaker: BF3, BF BC2, Rome Total War Gold Edition, Empire Total War

In the CD cases: Andretti Racing, Star Wars Galatic Battlegrounds, Hitman Codename 47, Medieval TW Viking Invasion, Madel NFL 98, Empire Earth, Lego Chess, GTA 3, The Sims House Party, some Lego Railroad game, Starcraft, Delta Force Black Hawk Down, Age of Empires 3, The Sims, The Sims Hot Date, Civ 3, WoW, Sim City 3000, and Shogun Total War (the first one)....yeah, they're old games.

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Thread title indicates that we should be posting pics, not describing our setup lol.

Samsung F8500 Plasma

Dynaudio X16 Bookshelf Speakers

Dynaudio X22 Center Channel

Aperion Surround Speakers

Pioneer Elite SC61 Reveiver

PC w/ GTX 670, PS3, 360, Wii U



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I have a 42' SamsungPlasma set with Halo Reach's hud forever burned into the lower left corner. Sound system broke about a year ago and I haven't gotten around to replacing it yet so I just use the speakers on the television or a headset.

I was saving up for a new television and receiver, but then the new consoles were announced and I wanted both of them rather than just one so I am going to get them first, then save up for the new set up starting with my birthday in January.

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@seanmcloughlin said:

It looks like this


nice set up.

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@D3s7rUc71oN said:

Recently upgraded to a 47" LG 3D LA7400 LED Smart TV and have it connected with Monster ISF 1250 HDMI cables , and a Bose 321 GS II system. Waiting for Nov 15th :D

I cant wait for Nov 22nd imo.

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How old is your plasma? And have you tried using Disneys World of Wonder ( W.O.W ) calibration dvd to help with the IR on your plasma? The disc contains a pixel flipper that is useful for removing IR. Now if

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I don't really have much of one. A 42" LG LED HDTV connected to a 360 and my PC. My primary display for PC is a 24" or 27" ViewSonic LED HDTV.

Other than those, there isn't much of anything about which to brag. My PC tower is under my desk....