What classic/mini console do you want to be released?

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I think overall and it's unlikely seeing as it's a handheld, I would love a GBA classic. Another one would be the Gamecube classic/mini. An original DS classic would be fantastic too and handheld classics in general are needed seeing as the new Nintendo Online service doesn't offer all that much yet.

(I own a few DS games but a lot of them are secondhand copies from Ebay and not to my surprise are in pretty mediocre shape.) I would love to own a GBA again but finding boxed games are pretty rare to come by in my opinion. Expensive too.

Ah if only I kept my Wii U. Virtual Console was something I regret not experiencing even not being able to on the original Wii!

PS2 classic would be cool too but probably limited seeing as the PS1 classic was. Who knows. :)

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Call me crazy, but I’d like to see a Vic 20 mini. The cartridge games that Commodore launched for the system were really good. Cosmic Cruncher, Omega Race, Gorf, Jupiter Lander, Radar Rat Race, and a slew of others absorbed a lot of my childhood and were great games. I don’t even know how I got rid of my Vic 20, but I’d kill to play it again.

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As for what's happening, I hope that the Genesis one coming this year will be good. I know Sega is working with ATGames again so I'm skeptic of it.

As for others I want, Gameboy(GBC/GBA also) and N64 Classics would be nice.

My dream plug n play would be Saturn but as emulation for it is not very good, I don't expect it will happen anytime soon if ever.

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I would love (but will never get) a Sega Saturn classic, more than a few games on there I wanna play that I never got to.

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I'd say original Xbox!

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I don't want more systems. I just want Nintendo to release their library on the Switch, and not behind the god awful Nintendo Switch Online service.

I can only hook up so many systems to my TV. Right now that's only the PS4 and Switch. I don't need more systems. Especially when the solution to have them all on one system is so darn simple.

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GameCube Classic is the only one I rather have due to so many good games on but the N64 & Dreamcast I think are more deserving though.

@mclarenmaster18 said:

I'd say original Xbox!

Not much to go on an Xbox Classic these days. All of these mini consoles so far have relied on emulation, and Xbox emulation is quite different than the consoles put out so far. I don’t see it being worth the money investment.

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@MarioFan264: Yeah I totally agree with you.

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@MarkoftheSivak: I was thinking the same thing, put many of the shoot em ups on there ( including the Japanese only releases) and you have a winner imo.