What are your video game ideas that you want turned into a game for any home game console?

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(Action-Adventure Hack and Slash Sandbox MMORPG)

When you lock on to the battle zone or enter the battle zone, you will hear all the microphones of the players participating in the battle. Players will also hear your microphone during combat. Outside of combat, you can lock on to any player and listen to that player's microphone. The player can also listen to your microphone. All parties / guild players can always hear each other's microphones, even if the players are in completely different locations. You can mute anyone's microphone at any time.

To hear a person's mic outside the battle zone, lock on to another player or create / extend one open mic zone. You can create an open mic zone only if you are not in another player's open mic zone. The open mic zone creates an invisible barrier that surrounds the creator, including players within the radius of the barrier, without blocking anything. The open mic zone allows all players in the barrier to participate in open mic parties. Join with the push of a button and you'll hear all players' microphones from all players in the open mic zone. Open mic parties are different from regular parties and guilds. When you leave the open mic zone, you are no longer a member of the party. For microphones, all mute options are always available.

There are customizations for height, children / adults, fat / thin, clothes, equipment, armor, appearance, weapons, abilities, movements, skills, magic, and summons. Customizing the appearance of the character is similar to the game "God Eater 2" and the game "Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization". You can create up to 4 characters. You can switch to control one character or one of "your" other created party members. The character's AI can be set in the same way as in the game "Star Ocean: Until the end of time". You can play the game with any character you create. You can switch control of the party character at any time. If you don't want to control your "own" character during battle, just set the character to AI.

There are several specific places where you can talk to different NPC characters and enter different servers to advance the story. These servers warp / teleport "your" different party characters to any section of the current story. Each server has a limited number of players, and each server has all players of the same level within 10 intervals (eg Server 1-Level 1-10, Server 2-Level 10-20). You can always enter a server above your level, but you cannot enter a server below your level. You can earn certain things by completing different parts of the story. There are many side stories, hidden ones, and optional ones, which are not part of the story. There are also many gates and portals similar to the game ".hack: Infection", where you can choose different servers and experiment with different dungeons.

To engage in combat, you can either attack someone / something or be attacked by someone / something. A character / player will not gain experience unless that character / player hits an opponent at least once. The hit must be a hit even if the damage dealt is 0, not the damage caused by the status effect. During the battle, the radius of the battle zone is automatically set according to the position of the first participant. Only the first combat participant can lock the combat zone at any time.

Locked battle zones have invisible barriers that keep battle participants inside, blocking entry into all other zones. If the battle zone is unlocked, other players / characters outside the battle zone can join the battle zone and gain experience points. You can only gain experience points if you are in the same battle zone as the enemy you defeated when you defeated it. All different enemies have different amounts of experience points that players earn during their defeat. If the enemy is defeated by multiple participants, the experience points will be evenly divided among those participants. If there are no players in the battle zone for more than 2 minutes, it will no longer be an existing battle zone. There are harsh environments that your character may not be able to tolerate. The item "Magic Battle Zone Lock" creates a locked battle zone that surrounds you, including all players within the radius, and blocks fire, water, etc.

Players cannot attack another non-enemy player unless one player achieves "G" status or offers a player-versus-player challenge option. To provide player-versus-player challenges, get close enough to "lock on" to another player, select challenge options, and extend one battle zone barrier that surrounds all players / targets. .. All player-versus-player challenge participants must be within the battle zone barrier. All players in the battle zone must select the option to accept the challenge to start the battle. The battle music option for this battle allows you to vote / agree or randomly select one playlist from one participant. "G" status is achieved when the bar / meter is full, either by attacking the target or by being attacked for some reason. "G" is a "special" that all players can "use" with the push of a button. If you achieve "G" status, you will not be an enemy of other players until you attack. Once you reach "G" status, you cannot be attacked by any player until you attack that player or participate in a player-versus-player challenge.

If a "G" attacks a non-enemy player in a battle zone, that "G" cannot lock that battle zone. "G" gains all experience points from the defeated ones, unless those "Gs" do not attack allies. The "G" status lasts for 11 minutes. When you defeat a "G", that "G" loses its "G" status, is no longer an enemy, and anyone can revive the player. "Gs" cannot steal or mug anything from other players unless they are "King" / "Queen", "Boss", or "Elite" characters. Also, "Gs" cannot steal or mug anything from other players unless they are participating in a player-versus-player challenge. If four or more "G" s attack an ally in a battle zone, that battle zone achieves "Frenzy" and all players can attack all players. The frenzy battle zone can only be locked by King / Queen, Boss, and Elite characters / players.

When a player dies, that player can wait to be resurrected by someone else. Alternatively, the player can choose the option to return to the entrance to the place where the player died, choose a server to return to the open world, or go to the equipment graveyard. If you die more than 10 times, the option to return to the entrance to the place of death will not be available. Your mic still works while you are dead. You cannot earn experience points or items while you are dead.

There are many continents on the map. All continents are made up of zones. Each zone has its own enemies and neutrals. In most cases, all enemies and / or neutrals in each zone are at about the same level within the zone. When all enemies in the zone have been defeated or all achievements in the zone have been completed, the last remaining players must fight each other. Anyone who conquers a zone has the title of "boss" for that zone, and that player can choose the enemies in that zone. Players select those enemies based only on all enemies defeated in the game, except for all defeated players. Also includes boss enemies (different color schemes for boss enemies). Players also select the level of those enemies, but only up to the highest level of enemies they have defeated so far. If a "boss" player's zone is conquered by another player, that "boss" player loses the "boss" title.

There is one king / queen per continent, either as a player or an NPC. All Kings / Queens will now have 4 elite characters. Defeat King / Queen in battle to earn his / her crown and title. Kings / Queens can choose an elite character from their list of friends or from AI characters created by King / Queen players. When you become a King / Queen, you can get a special item "Crown" that raises your stats. You can keep the crown equipped even if you are not a king / queen, but you cannot wear it visually unless you are a king / queen. Elite characters are kings / queens, as long as the kings / queens who made them elite remain kings / queens. Kings / Queens can enter any battle zone at any time, even if they are locked. Kings / Queens can attack any character they like at any time, including other players.

When you reach a boss / mini boss in a dungeon, temple, story progress, cave, castle, etc., the battle zone may be locked by another player who is fighting the boss / mini boss. You can go up to something that looks important nearby. Example: A small statue nearby. At the push of a button, you will be given the option to fight the boss / mini boss alone or with other players on another server. You will not be able to rematch with the boss / mini boss unless you re-enter the entrance. You can enter the server with various parties. Any part of the game can be completed solo or party. A party can consist of all players and all AI characters created by the player for that player's party. There are servers with lobbies for dungeons, temples, caves, castles, etc., and players in those lobbies have to wait for the lobby to fill up so that they can enter dungeons, temples, caves, castles, etc. ..

There are summons obtained by leveling up, summons obtained by achievements, and summons obtained by defeating enemies. When you defeat the big bosses you face in the game, most of them will be earned as "summons". You can only have a limited number of "summons". The Summon option allows you to summon one "summon" to perform one of the most powerful attacks, or control the "summon" as an AI party member. When summoned as a party member, you can switch between the control of the summon and the control of the created character. Summons are only summoned for 4 minutes. If you unsummon a Summon, you will have to wait 4 minutes before you can use the Summon option again. If you complete a very powerful attack summoned with the Summon option, you will have to wait 4 minutes before you can use the summon again.

There are mounts you can get. Traveling with mounted beasts etc. makes traveling much easier. You can get a "mount" for travel by tame them with items or defeat them in battle. While moving with a mounted beast / "summon", it can take some damage before the player is knocked off or the mount gets confused. At higher levels of speed racing, you can be attacked by racers. Also, at higher levels of speed racing, others who are not racers can attack you. If you tame the same species many times, it will be available as a pet or "summon" and can be summoned at any time. Some mounts can move on / in any terrain, including water, walls, mountains, and even trees, so you can reach hidden areas, hidden treasures / enemies / "summons", and more. Some species have the ability to fly. There are also cars that you can drive for an easier trip. ..

You don't need a beast / summon to fly. There are items you can get that give your party the ability to "fly". With these items you can "fly" for 10 minutes. There is a way to permanently acquire the ability to "fly". In flight, it's the same as in the game Kingdom Hearts 2, unless you select the Ascend option. Select the Ascend option to allow you to fly freely in all heights and directions. There is one button you can hold to automatically fly towards a locked-on object / ally / enemy. With the "fly" ability, you can reach floating or hidden areas such as floating dungeons, floating temples, floating castles, floating islands, hidden treasures, enemies, and "summons".

There are competitive flight races and other races that you can participate in to win valuables. Your character can gain the ability to transform your character's visual form into a variety of obtained visual forms. One such visual form that your character can get is the form of a beast. These visual forms are abilities. You can unequip these abilities and select other options such as double summoning. You can customize your character's race, color, appearance, and more at any time, except during combat.

There is an ability called "Unlimited Jump" similar to "Double Flight" in the game "Kingdom Hearts: Fragmented Passage", but it is not limited to double. Like the anime "Bleach", there is a function called "Ground Lock" that allows you to land in the air and run around as if there is an invisible ground in the air. It turns off every time something / someone hits you. With these two abilities, you can reach floating and hidden areas such as floating dungeons, floating temples, floating castles, floating islands, hidden treasures, enemies, and "summons". There is another ability called "teleport". Teleport to a random location next to a locked-on object / ally / enemy. Every time you use this ability four times, you have to wait four minutes before you can use it again.

All player characters can be leveled up to a maximum level of 370. There are several level 400 optional ultimate bosses. Some of these bosses always leave the player with a legendary object when the Ultimate Boss is defeated. There are a wide variety of legendary objects, including crowns. You can level lock your character whenever you want. This will prevent your character from gaining experience until you turn level lock off.

Tournaments vary. Players defeat players, players defeat computers, teams defeat teams, teams defeat computers. The status of players such as bosses, kings, and elites will be displayed next to their names if those characters are locked on by other characters. As long as the other player is not an enemy, you are guaranteed to be able to see the other player's health bar. There are items that can be used to warp to friends' locations, etc. These items can be purchased or obtained. When you warp to a friend's location, you will be teleported to the entrance to that friend's location or where the friend is.

Equipment graveyards are places where all equipment lost / discarded by all players is scattered everywhere. There are no enemies other than the player or multiple players who can attack you. You can also approach a weapon or equipment and challenge it with the push of a button. This allows you to fight the ghost copy of the player to whom the weapon or equipment / armor once belonged. This includes the player's level / stats / abilities / skills / "summons" and more. The ghost's weapon / equipment is in the same state as when the owner lost / discarded it. When you defeat the ghost, you can acquire the weapon / equipment, and the weapon / equipment will be in the same state as when the ghost used it. Only the player who challenges the weapon or equipment can get the weapon or equipment after defeating the weapon or equipment.

All weapons / equipment have levels, stats, and optional qualities / effects. All weapons / equipment can be leveled up and changed through the "Inner World of Equipment", as in the game "Disgaea: Hour of Darkness". The color schemes of all enemies and all bosses are different there. You can reset your weapon to level 1 if needed. Doing this will reduce the statistics, but the appearance, quality / attributes, and "effect" will remain the same.

You can always get things or buy things for their appearance. With the exception of abilities, skills, "summons", crowns, and trophies, you can "hold", discard, exchange, or sell whatever you like. You can give money to anyone you want. You can get or unlock "optional visual appearance" stuff such as pointed ears, tails, various wings, wing colors, accessories, glasses / shades, jewelry, markings, tattoos and more. All "visual appearance" combinations, except the character's visual form obtained from "abilities", can be achieved as soon as you start this video game. Not all varieties are available for immediate sale, but any player can acquire, trade, or sell them. Most of them are for sale from the beginning, and many are ridiculously expensive, but any player can give you free money or get you to get it. You can't buy or get anything with real money. Strictly speaking, it's just in-game money.

There are different types of items, weapons, equipment, and cards with the same name. These types include differences in "look" / appearance, statistics, abilities, effects, and attributes. If a player uses the "player skill" "steal" / "mug" against another player, only weapons and equipment can be stolen. You cannot use the "player skill" "stealing" / "mug" against other players who are not enemies. Stealing attacks / techniques / skills can only be used during "battle". When used against a player, the chances of "stealing success" vary between 5%, 10%, and 15%. If you use it against non-players, your chances are much higher.

You can collect cards and have the ability to turn enemies into cards like in the game "Final Fantasy VIII". You can play card games with other players, exchange cards, get cards from enemies, treasures, prizes and more. Cards can be converted into items. Strong and rare cards can be turned into the best and rarest items. You can challenge random players / NPCs to "card games" except during "battle". There are card tournaments held in various places. You can listen to or mute the microphone while playing cards. You can also skip directly to playing a card game from the title menu, which has a server that you can enter just to play cards. All cards and items are shared between characters in the actual game and in the title screen card game. There are different card game rules in different places. If no rules are set, players will either play with the agreed rules or the rules will be randomly selected. The player who becomes the "boss" of a zone can choose the card rules for that zone. Players who become "King" / "Queen" can choose the card rules of the card game that "King" / "Queen" plays.

Author Jeffrey Robert Palin Jr.

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#2 sanghelle56
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Cool topic. 🙂

I have a couple of original ideas that I'm fond of, and would make badass character action titles rolled out by Sucker Punch Games. They're too focused on Ghost of Tsushima II to care about new IPs tho.

Anyway, my ideas are Tree Heart and Undercover Vs.

Tree Heart is a 3D top down roguelike action game set in a fantastical ancient Africa. You play as a transgender lizard woman named Oqen, whose tribe broke a tradition to stray from contact with the local humans ten years prior. Your goal is to find a drake priest to lift a curse on both your tribe and the human Zulus. Loot, fighting monsters, and RPG-light but dire choices ensue.

Undercover Vs is a cel shaded stealth action game where you play as CIA agent Virginia Ketch, codename Vita. Your goal throughout is to investigate world leaders being replaced by clones a la a shadowy organization. While not open world, there are hub zones.

Not the most original titles, but I could see both w/ stylish covers on GameStop racks.

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#3  Edited By RSM-HQ
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Think we've had a topic with pitching game ideas and stuff before.

And it honestly seems I'm giving the lame answer, however more than not customers don't know what they want till they have it. Outside barebone desires certainly, such as "make the game good"

So long as the game has fun and compelling gameplay? I'll give it a chance.

Have my preferences and favorite genres, yet more than not like to give games a fair chance.

Unless it is already noted to be doing something I'm strongly against (no gameplay/ walking simulator/ safe sequel to a game I already found boring/ it's suppose to be "art" not a video game)