What are your top 10 favorite (turn based) RPGs?

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Here's mine.

10. Dragon Quest 8

9. Sweet Home

8. Paper Mario The thousand Year Door

7. Chrono Trigger

6. Super Mario Legend of the Seven stars

5. Dragon Quest 5

4. Mother 3

3. Dragon Quest 4

2. Earthbound

1. Dragon Quest 3

Yeah sorry for the lack of variety but I had to be honest. I do like Final Fantasy but none are top ten worthy for me ofcourse I've yet to play FF 7 or FF 9. Personally I was disappointed with FF 6 which many hail as the greatest RPG ever. New here by the way so sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.

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10: XCOM: Enemy Unknown

9: Final Fantasy X

8: Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door

7: Dragon Quest VIII

6: Final Fantasy Tactics

5: Chrono Cross

4: Persona 4

3: Final Fantasy VI

2: Xenogears

1: Chrono Trigger

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Personally not gonna count majority of FF games and some other Squaresoft titles as turn based because in my eyes active time battle system just is not turn based(and in that case the list would be just Squaresoft games :D)

10. XCOM Enemy Unknown(not quite an RPG though has some elements and is a damn good game)

9. Super Mario RPG

8. Final Fantasy I

7. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

6. Chrono Trigger

5. Child of Light

4. Heroes of Might and Magic 3

3. Final Fantasy X

2. Divinity Original Sin

1. Xeno-FUCKING-gears!!!

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Final Fantasy 1 really? Not that I think it's bad at all (It was great at the time) but it comes off as a really odd choice especially being your only NES choice.

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I no particular order :

Final Fantasy IV, VI, VII,IX, Bravely Default, Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario Thousand year door, Persona II and P4G,

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In no particular order:

- Chrono Trigger

- Chrono Cross

- Final Fantasy X

- Final Fantasy VIII

- Final Fantasy III/VI

- Final Fantasy VII

- Lost Odyssey

- Dragon Quest VIII

- Suikoden II

- Suikoden V

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pokemon x pokemon y Mario and luigi dream team Mario and luigi bowsers inside story and paper Mario the thousand year door.

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#8 Posted by tatman87 (227 posts) -
  1. Fallout
  2. Fallout 2
  3. Chrono Trigger
  4. XCOM Enemy Within/Unknown
  5. Parasite Eve 2
  6. Final Fantasy III
  7. Earthbound
  8. Fallout Tactics
  9. Final Fantasy VIII
  10. Doom RPG
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Finally a list were I will name more than one Final Fantasy game :D

1 - Final Fantasy VII

2 - Final Fantasy IX

3 - Chrono Cross

4 - Final Fantasy IV

5 - Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow

6 - Undertale

7 - Lost Odyssey

8 - Valkyria Chronicles

9 - Final Fantasy V

10 - Final Fantasy X

As you can tell, I was a sucker for Squares RPG games

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Random order:

Wild Arms 3


Persona 3

Persona 4

Disgaea 3

Disgaea 4

Final Fantasy 9

Dragon Quest 8

Valkyria Chronicles

And Chrono Triger

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Don't play a whole lot in this genre.

I like Suikoden, Chrono Trigger and the Disgaea franchise which is more a tactical RPG.

Can't pin point others at this time but Disgaea is my favorite series of turn-base.

Chrono Trigger for story and accessibility.

And glad I gave into Suikoden series, it's really good. The third one is easily my favorite

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1 Ni nokuni 2 final fantasy 10 3 lost Odyssey 4 valkyria chronicles 5 skies of arcadia 6 grandia 2 7 divinity original sin enhanced edition

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Tactics Ogre, FF Tactics A2, can't think of 8 more...

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Well FF9 is one of my favorite RPG but it clearly not turn base.

I would say Wild Arms 3.

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@wiouds: Huh? FF 9 counts as turn based yes?

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Suikoden II

3 battle systems; turn based combat (really good combat system too), turn based strategy for larger scale battles, 1 on 1 duels. Great cast of characters and Game of Throne's style story with conflict between nations, large scale battles, making alliances, betrayals, dialogue options. Recruiting characters to join you, it's like Pokemon but each character has their own backstory and are recruited through different means. Character progression is great throughout the story.

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@cabaretvoltaire said:

@wiouds: Huh? FF 9 counts as turn based yes?

NO, FF9 does not have turns so it can not be turn base.