What are your feel good games?

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What I mean by this is what games do you like to go to that put you in a better mood when you are feeling down? here's some of my go to games for that purpose.

  • Mirror's Edge 2008 the atmosphere and music in that game puts me more in a tranquil state.
  • Sleeping Dogs I loving getting immersed in the Hong Kong setting especially at night when it's raining.
  • F.E.A.R. this game is a great stress reliever
  • GTAV cruising around the city listening to the radio
  • Far Cry 5 country setting I find relaxing
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Halo 3 still a great shooter not many better in my opinion.

Max payne 3 great 3rd person shooter which deserved a remaster. Crash always puts a smile on my face great memories playing it as a kid.

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@warmblur: Hmm, games that make one feel good as in the emotion

Monster Hunter- with my friends generally is the most jolly experience I have. Laugh, smile, chat, slay for loot with great gameplay. Nothing compares.

(genre) Survival Horror- I just really like eerie atmosphere in games. It gives me a warm and cosy feeling when finding a safe room/ area as well. Action RPG series Dark Souls/ Dragon's Dogma also handles this very well. I know some people find these games stressful but I always come out smiling and in better spirits.

*That's it for me. I adore a lot of games, but making me feel good? Hmm that's a rare gift for a game/ series to achieve. Usually I'm too focused to get a sense of overwhelming positivity.

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Well definitely a Super Mario game like SMB3, World, Galaxy 1 & 2, and Odyssey are something that can be a quick “pick me up” kind of game for me.

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I tend to play my bread and butter in those situations:

  • Streets of Rage 1-3, Remake
  • Sonic 1-3 & Knuckles, CD, Mania, Adventure 1 & 2, Colors, Generations
  • Mega Man X, X2, X4, X5
  • NiGHTS into Dreams
  • Yakuza series
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most recently Anno 1800

some others:

Trackmania 2

Borderlands series

Rocket League

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Any multiplayer would do. Just doing silly stuff online when i get depressed.

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The most recent one is definitely Mario Odyssey. That game always puts a smile on my face.

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Another that springs to mind is wcw/nwo revenge still play it every now and again.

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@robert_sparkes: N64?

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Descent 3 & Mercenaries. I like six degrees of freedom shooters, but not the somber mines and creepy robots that look like aliens due to Descent I & II graphics, plus the mission structure is more fleshed out and not as arcade-y, which allows you to sit back and enjoy the briefing, and more tools of destruction than straight up shooting.

Descent is the kind of shooter that benefits from getting comfortable with rotations in space since they're more about positioning the ship than reflex aiming. The freedom it grants once you step outside in the third feels good.

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Interesting question... games that are humorous and don't take themselves too seriously like Saints Row and Borderlands come to mind. Tales From the Borderlands really surprised me as a "feel good" game. Well executed mix of humor and genuine storytelling on top of an awesome cast of characters made it a special game worth playing through multiple times.

Another approach to that question for me is to say pretty much any open world game. I like having the freedom to explore a game at my own pace. And I can just kinda zone out while collecting stuff or doing side quests that many people would probably find repetitive or boring. But, for me, it's sometimes nice to just sit back and have something to keep me busy in an open world game as I explore as much of it as I possibly can.

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The Sims

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Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Always good getting online and playing with others.

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Wind Waker. Love the mood I get from it.

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I probably plays a Soulsborne game. Once u gitgud game is pretty easy. I particularly likes Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Speed run, new build or anything I just enjoyed these 2 the most. Bloodborne in particular I really enjoyed the PVP, always loved the dance. Nothing beats beating a weaboo katana user with a gentleman's cane wearing a gentleman top hat and doll clothes.

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Rayman Legends and the music levels. The Are very funny with great music.

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@l3igl3oss: tried Overload?

Ori, Journey come to mind. SMG 1,2.

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When I'm sad I like to play online casual games to make my brains relax

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@MirkoS77 said:

@l3igl3oss: tried Overload?

Not yet, but I want to.

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@l3igl3oss said:
@MirkoS77 said:

@l3igl3oss: tried Overload?

Not yet, but I want to.

Same creators as Descent, it's really good. Great soundtrack too.

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Getting emotional feels good. Battlefield V intro, Life Is Strange 1 & 2, RiME.

Right now it's Battlefield V. I know it's a violent video game, but it feels good playing Medic, healing teammates, playing defensively, throwing a smoke, and it's rewarding when players thank me. Also playing Sniper, it's so satisfying hearing those headshot helmet sounds. I just unlocked ranked 20 for my Medic as my first class to maximize.

Life Is Strange 1 & 2 - It feels good getting back at the villains of those series.

Bloodborne - I like helping out others in co-op.

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Populous 3, soundtrack hmmmm

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Journey - the game is just so calm and beautiful. Puts me in a meditative mood

Mega Man X4 - the very first Mega Man X game I played, and is just one I can beat without really getting frustrated

Destiny 2 - I love how the game feels

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Infamous Second Son and Hearts of Iron III.

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To make me feel better there's always The Legend of Zelda, especially A Link to the Past or Ocarina of Time. They were important entries for me, and they can still reach that soft spot in my heart.

There's also the first Kingdom Hearts, a magnificent game that I was hesitant to play when it first came out. There's still a lot of nostalgia there for me.

There are really a bunch of games that can make me feel good, or even excited to have been through them. There's nothing like gaming.

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Pretty much any Zelda game. Playing Twilight Princess helps lessens my nicotine habit.

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- Gex 2
- Pokemon Puzzle League
- Star Ocean 2
- Twisted Metal

They all remind me of good childhood memories.

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Animal Crossing

The Sims 2

Gauntlet: Legends/Dark Legacy

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 3

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Skyrim

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Journey and Endless Ocean are good ones for this.

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I'll add another one that I can't believe I didn't think of before: Animal Crossing.

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I forget to mention Mirror's Edge Catalyst everytime I go back to it just puts me in a more relaxed state just like the first game.

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What , no love for Katmari Damacy ? well I'll be the first to declare it

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NethacK and Road Rash 64 and the Sega versions.

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Skyrim, Halo, Rocket League

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Final Fantasy IX
Magic Carpet
Spyro (original/remake trilogy)

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@poarstman said:

What , no love for Katmari Damacy ? well I'll be the first to declare it

One of my favorite games of all time but I'm getting the feeling some people missed the mark. Reading @warmblur OP this wasn't a favorite game thread of any kind but a "feel good" game thread. Games that feeling good about yourself either during a playthrough or leaving the experience.

Katmari Damashī is awesome, funny, and challenging but with that challenge also comes battling with the physic engine and timer alarm stressing out the player.

I have a great time with King of Cosmos but he's also a demanding tyrant. And the game reflects that.

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The Mass Effect games (1, 2, & 3)

Dragon Age: Origins

Zelda games (Majora Mask and OoT especially)

Suikoden (The first one. Wish there was a PC release)

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn

Skyrim (Well.......at least before Bethesda released updates that compromised my installation and mod support, which now my Skyrim no longer opens. I created my own personal Fire Emblem and Golden Sun mods using a combination of other people mods, particularly magic and armor/weapon sets, and creation kit for modifying places for strongholds and character placement. I even learned Autodesk to create my own weapons and armor based on those games. Ahhh......the amount of fun I had with what I created....I miss it so much...)

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Cities: Skylines. Just a mellow game I can zone out to. I usually turn off all the sounds and put on some good music and just make a city.

Sometimes I like to play "no brainer" games where it's just an overpowered you vs hordes of mindless enemies. Games like Diablo, Doom, Serious Sam, Grim Dawn, and so forth are really good because you don't really have to try, you can just sort of zone out and react instinctively.

I also like to play stealth games because their pacing is different; it's all about not being found, lurking about. It's a good way to relieve stress while also not going for that general action-pack excitement. Suspenseful, but not anxiety-inducing.

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CiV5 with in-game editor. Enter 9999999 gold and be a god there.

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The mighty Crazy Taxi on Sega Dreamcast was a true feel-good game. Besides, it was one of the most addicting games I have ever played.

Larry 1-3 on PC / Amiga were also feel-good games, and the graphics and atmosphere were amazing for their time.

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Shadow of Mordor