What are your favorite games set in the winter time?

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Snow in games can really add atmosphere to a game I always found it somewhat comforting at times if done correctly do you have favorite or memorable games that are set in the Winter? here's a few of mine.

Indigo Prophecy( 2005) That Diner level in the game always stuck with me over all these years even with the outdated graphics.

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories(2009) The snow effects in this game are very well done this game reminds of certain areas where I live they did a great job creating a small town that feels like anywhere USA.

Until Dawn (2015) The Winter woods are so well done in this game it's so easy to get immersed in the setting.

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Would be sweet if the PS5 backwards played Until Dawn at 30 fps.

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Animal Crossing when the winter season hits. :)

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The original Shenmue. I remember playing Shenmue 2 and thinking it just didn't feel the same without the snow and Christmas lights and all that.

Freedom Fighters. As the game progressed it gets colder and winterierer. Really added to the atmosphere of the game.

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Most JRPGs has snow levels, so let's cut them off. So probably Rise of Tomb Raider.

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U,charted 2 has a great snow area.

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Rogue Spear.

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Shenmue and most of the Yakuza games take place around Christmas and New Year's.

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I remember playing Parasite Eve for the first time in December, I think it was. Kinda cool to play a game that's set around New Years during New Years, and the snowy, empty version of New York City it presented was very atmospheric.

I also consider the Winter chapter of the Last of Us one of my favorite moments in gaming.

The winter effects in Days Gone are pretty nice. The alpine environment in general really does it for me, but those low visibility moments with the snow starting to cover the streets and your bike slipping everywhere...it's a nice touch.

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Also how could I forget Skyrim?

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Arkham Origins

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Syphon Filter 2 had a cool winter level as did Rainbow Six 3.

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iirc Max Payne 2 was set during winter. Christmas, even; felt like a really ****ed up Die Hard :P

@Solaryellow said:

Arkham Origins

OOoooh yeah

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@mrbojangles25 said:

iirc Max Payne 2 was set during winter. Christmas, even; felt like a really ****ed up Die Hard :P

@Solaryellow said:

Arkham Origins

OOoooh yeah

I love Origins this CGI trailer is so good I would love a next gen remake of this game with ray tracing.

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That's a good question... Skyrim's snowy settings instantly come to mind. There's also Horizon: Zero Dawn, Metro, and Witcher 3. I'm sure there's many games I'm missing that had at least one snowy area. Also like those kinds of settings.

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Nice question! In the winter time, I'm feeling need in sun, that why I remember about Choy Sun Doa
In my head I have association with sun It's China, so that's why I play these games

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Possibly an older Blizzard game with Blizzards.