What are your favorite game genres?

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Posted by mastermetal777 (3215 posts) 3 years, 9 months ago

Poll: What are your favorite game genres? (53 votes)

Action/Adventure 11%
First-person Shooter 15%
Hack-n-Slash/Beat-em-Up 9%
Japanese RPG 13%
Western RPG 28%
Puzzle 0%
Adventure (point-and-click or other) 2%
Stealth 0%
Platformer 9%
Simulator 2%
Open-World/Sandbox 4%
Interactive Drama 0%
Twin-stick Shooter 0%
Horror 0%

Obviously, there are many different genres of gaming, as well as many that combine genres altogether. But as for the basics of a certain genre, which ones are your favorites overall? I tend to lean more towards RPGs (Western and Japanese), platformers, action/adventure, and open-world/sandbox types of games.

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Because of a dumb oversight on my part, this is not a multiple choice poll like I wanted it to be. Just pick your overall favorite, and list any and all other favorites in the comments. Let's start a (civil) discussion, cuz why not.

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#2 Posted by Blueresident87 (5694 posts) -

RPG is my favorite

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#3 Posted by juboner (1183 posts) -

Just take it down

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Action Adventure for the console
FPS for the PC

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#5 Posted by Archangel3371 (24201 posts) -

I'm not sure if I can cofidently pick one overall favourite. I can list, in no specific order, my top 5 game genres. They are:

  • Action/Adventure
  • First Person Shooter
  • Third Person Shooter
  • Fighting games
  • Japanese RPG
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#6 Posted by speedfreak48t5p (12936 posts) -


Action/Action Adventure

Fallout New Vegas




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#7 Posted by The_Last_Ride (76371 posts) -

Action/Adventure, MMO's, RPG's Racing, Sports, Hack and Slash, Stealth and Open world games

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#8 Posted by johnd13 (9354 posts) -

I love RPGs and am quite fond of action/adventure games.

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FPS or TPS with RPG elements like Mass Effect and Fallout.

I put down Open World Sandbox because that's also one of my favorites, love GTA series

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#10 Posted by Gamerno6666 (5497 posts) -

I picked western rpg but there are so many good genre's. Here are rest of my favorites,

Hack And slash




Point and Click Adventure

Open world




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Sidescrolling platformers and western RPGs

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#12 Posted by udUbdaWgz1 (633 posts) -

if i can only pick one genre and have a game be deemed the greatest ever created i'd want it to be a wRPG.

however, i like horror, stealth, shooters, rts, puzzle, combos thereof, whatever.

just keep the multiplayer away.

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#14 Posted by Ballroompirate (25968 posts) -

I'd have to go with

  • MMO's
  • WRPG's
  • JRPG'S
  • FPS
  • TPS
  • Action/Adventure
  • Open World/sand box
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WRPGS is my favourite. I also love Action adventure, stealth, Horror, Interactive Drama, Adventure, Hack n slash. My least loved genres are definitely FPS and Openworld.

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  • Platformers
  • Beat 'em ups
  • Run 'n gun
  • Shmups
  • Action/Adventure
  • Arcade racing
  • Star fighter sims
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#17 Posted by rajibrana (25 posts) -

Favorite genre: Racing, sadly there is not much (good) racing game nowadays.. atleast in PC :(

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Can't just choose one sorry :-

  • Beat'em'up/hack'n'slash(Devil may cry&all the capcom beat'em'ups)
  • Action adventure/platformers(Castlevania,POP Sands trilogy,GTA,Syberia)
  • Shoot'em'ups (contra,metal slug)
  • Horror games (Resi evil,Silent hill,Fatal frame,clock tower)
  • Classic ARPG's(Ys series,LOZ series) sorry i just don't like WRPG's :P
  • Stealth (Hitman Blood money,Thief)
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#19 Posted by mastermetal777 (3215 posts) -

@torenojohn7: It was meant to be multiple choice, but I forgot to click the option before the post saved. Oversight on my part.

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#20 Posted by watchdogsrules (541 posts) -

come on man, why did you have to make the chocies so hard? action/adventure games are fun but then get boring after a while, open worlds are fun but i don't know what most of them are fun ( because i only played GTA and assassin's creed) but first person shooter won me because i've never EVER found a boring fps.

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It's hard for me to pick a favorite genre since I play just about everything, but since I had to choose one for the poll I picked platfomers. I never play sports or racing games, and rarely play RTS and point and click games but other than that I'm down for anything.

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#22 Posted by vicky_john1 (230 posts) -

Always choose action/adventure,Stealth and MMO ...

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#23 Posted by Fezzinator101 (195 posts) -

in no order:

  • Platformers
  • Racing
  • Beat em ups
  • Stealth
  • Survival Horror
  • Sandbox
  • Car Combat
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I'm most fond of platformers because I still feel they are the closest conversation a player can have with the developer through gameplay. It's just your input directly against what they designed in such a pure way.

I'm also very fond of Action Adventure games ala Zelda and Darksiders as well as open world games akin to Red Dead and Assassin's Creed (I much prefer historical settings to modern ones).

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#25 Posted by CTR360 (8537 posts) -

most of this list

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#26 Posted by Jag85 (11455 posts) -

"Japanese RPG" and "Western RPG" are not genres.

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#27 Posted by mastermetal777 (3215 posts) -

@Jag85: They're distinctive enough to warrant their own options. Not every RPG is made the same way, believe it or not.

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#28 Posted by SovietsUnited (2457 posts) -

Action Adventure, followed by WRPG

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#29 Posted by pyro1245 (3622 posts) -

RPGS of all kinds are pretty great

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#30 Posted by sukraj (27617 posts) -

In no order



Action Adventure

Open World Games

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hard choice there . I like Action adventure , shooter , RPG and stealth and Racing

but the style of game , Sci Fi is may favorite . every game should be sci fi :3 its just amazing .

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#32 Posted by Cloud_imperium (14406 posts) -

Western RPGs , but I play games from all genres as long as the game itself is fun . You should've included RTS in the list as well because there a lot of Warcraft and Starcraft fans out there . (I myself is a huge Starcraft fan but favorite genre is wRPG)

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#34 Posted by yokofox33 (30774 posts) -

I like all kinds of RPGs (mainly JRPGs), adventure, and platformers the best. Most of my game collection is RPGs I'd be though.

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#35 Posted by Jag85 (11455 posts) -

@mastermetal777 said:

@Jag85: They're distinctive enough to warrant their own options. Not every RPG is made the same way, believe it or not.

Well, there are enough stylistic differences between the two, though just not enough for me to consider them separate genres.

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#36 Posted by Behardy24 (5324 posts) -

I can't decide a favorite, but I real like WRPGs.

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#37 Posted by Behardy24 (5324 posts) -

If I had to pick second favorites from that list, it would be: FPS,Open World,Platformers,Action-Adventure, and interactive dramas

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#38 Posted by harry_james_pot (11399 posts) -

In order:

  • Adventure
  • RPG
  • Everything else except fighting games and JRPGs, I hate those.
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#39 Posted by humanistpotato (555 posts) -

WRPG/action rpgs/open world games , they usually have bad stories sadly

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#40 Posted by Moira22 (25 posts) -

Racing/driving, sports(just wreslting, soccer and extreme sports games), fighters, shooters and action-adventure

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Did you just bump a topic from six months ago?

Oh well.

  • Adventure
  • Simulator
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#42 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -

Uhm.... Open World is not a genre.... much in the same a cover system is not a genre...... its just a feature you can slap onto almost any game.

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#43 Posted by xantufrog (8859 posts) -

Western+JRPGs and Strategy (both turn-based and RTS)

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#44 Posted by deactivated-57d8401f17c55 (7221 posts) -

RPG's, Action adventure / 3D platformers, action games, Sandbox, kart racers, 3rd person shooters and most recently i've found a love for smhups.

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#45 Posted by turtlethetaffer (18701 posts) -

Some of my favorite ones are Action adventure, JRPG, platformers, horror and certain first person games.

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  1. FPS/TPS
  2. Action/Adventure
  3. Platformers
  4. Open Worlds
  5. Stealth
  6. Shmups
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@xantufrog said:

Western+JRPGs and Strategy (both turn-based and RTS)

6 month old dude.

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#48 Posted by xantufrog (8859 posts) -

@Gamerno6666 said:

@xantufrog said:

Western+JRPGs and Strategy (both turn-based and RTS)

6 month old dude.

lol, good catch - I was on mobile.

Sorry folks, I'm locking this - please don't bump threads of such profound age