We need more Perfect Dark 64 type FPS

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To start, Perfect Dark 64 still gives most of these new FPS a run for their money with the story and Local multiplayer. The Story in Perfect Dark 64 was epically done, while a fairly generic story, the way it was executed was Epic. Not only was the story epic, the story was Multiplayer which just made it that much better. The Singleplayer/multiplayer Campaign was great and revolutionary at the time. It is still done better than most FPS today. Deep gameplay, Multiple paths, Huge stages, Great creative objectives and overall great. Now the Local Multiplayer was what put this game in the front of the pack. A feature that most games today are missing in local Multiplayer is BOTS. Bots do nothing less than add tons of replayability to any FPS. Its fun to go up against your friends locally but sometimes you want to team up and not have to worry about lag and this is where BOTS come into play. Bots can be coded successfully to act very similar to how players would act (Unreal Tournament for instance). The ability to customize the Bots as in Perfect Dark 64 was great as well. You could customize from the Difficulty all the way to how they looked. The many fifferent Types of Bots were a nice addition as well, featuring bots that could hold grudges, bots that were really fast, to bots that were really heavily shielded, this allowed for multiple ways to play them whilest building your skill level. Bots seriously need to be added back to the FPS genre. Next in the Multiplayer section, were the stages. Oh My God the stages. This is CRITICAL in FPS with Local Multiplayer and Perfect Dark was no slouch there either. The stages in Perfect Dark's Multiplayer ranged from a Villa to a Abandoned Alien Nest with Canals leading to other areas. The Stages in the Local Multiplayer were great. Next up, The Weapons. Needless to say, Perfect Dark 64 beats almost Every FPS to this day in Weapon selection. There were around 80 weapon types in this game on N64. The great thing about the weapons is that they all felt different and unique and they All had unique Secondary firing methods from throwing A laptop onto the wall that then is used as an unmanned turret, all the way to literally throwing the gun on the ground that was triggered as a Proximity Mine when players tried to pick it up. The Weapons in Perfect Dark 64 were and still are Top Notch. The Unlockables were really good amd definotely gave you a reason to go back and play previous stages on all difficulty settings. Now to the Soundtrack. Again, Perfect Dark 64 pretty much trounces all the New FPS in soundtrack. The Music fit the game sooo well that you actually wanted to go out and act as a secret agent after playing the game. The Music enhanced the staces and settings sooo well. Chicago is still one of my Favorite songs from a FPS today but thats just my personal preference. There were many songs on perfect dark 64 that enhanced the stages better than Chicago such as Mayan Tears. So far not many FPS soundtracks have come close to Perfect Dark 64's. Metroid Prime, Halo and Timesplitters come close though. Last but not least, Game modes on Perfect Dark were really fun as well from Regular Deathmatch to King of the Hill/Domination. There were no shortages of multiplayer game modes to keep the replayability even longer. These modes are very fun with 3 friends going up against bots. The 360 updated version was great as it added the much needed online play and fixed the Framerate issue but some of the soundtrack tweaks were not for the best. Still the game was great. We need more FPS with content like this. Regardless the engine it uses, if the devs with a N64 cartridge could fit all of that into a small cartridge (with expansion pack of course and mind you, the game was voice acted as well), then there is no excuse for devs today to be lacking these features especially with DVD's. So yeah, thats my little semi-rant.
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The series began in 2000 with Perfect Dark for the Nintendo 64, a Spiritual Successor to Rare's previous FPS classic GoldenEye, with which it shared a (modified) engine. Joanna Dark, having recently graduated the Carrington Institutes's training program with the first ever "Perfect" score, is sent to meet an insider from the dataDyne corporation. Things rapidly become more complicated and she soon finds herself in the middle of a war between two alien races who have allied themselves with different factions on Earth. In addition to its other merits, the game was one of the few that made use of the N64 Transfer Pak. It was originally meant to have been used to connect to the Game Boy Camera and let players map real faces on to characters in multiplayer mode. After Moral Guardians voiced their objections, Rare's said that the feature was cut for "technical reasons", though they later admitted they wanted to avoid controversy. It was still possible to connect to the Game Boy Color version of the game for extra items. Said Game Boy Color game was a prequel, showing Jo's training and first mission with the Institute. The eagerly anticipated sequel was chronically delayed (originally a GameCube title, it shifted to the original XBox after Microsoft's buyout of Rare and then ended up as a launch title on the 360 in 2005) and eventually became a prequel. Perfect Dark Zero, set 3 years before the original, has Joanna working as a bounty hunter with her dad before getting mixed up with the Carrington Institute. Reviews were good but it was generally seen as not up to the standard set by the previous game. In March of 2010, the original game was rereleased for Xbox Live Arcade, with new features such as updated graphics with 1080p resolution and eight-player online multiplayer. In March of 2011, it was revealed that a sequel to the original Perfect Dark known as Perfect Dark Core was also under development in 2007, but it was canceled before making it past the prototype stage in 2008 after the team developing it was cut down to three people. It was intended to be Darker and Edgier than Perfect Dark Zero, but by the time it was canceled it wasn't even a Perfect Dark game anymore; it was about an unknown male protagonist fighting giant mechs. The time period in between the two games is covered in a pair of novels, Initial Vector and Second Front, as well as the comic series Janus Tears. There's also the aforementioned Game Boy Color game, although since that was released around the same time as the N64 original and long before Zero became a prequel, it's unlikely to still be considered canonical.
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I agree. There's not much more I can add, really. But this style of FPS is underappreciated. Perfect Dark, in my opinion, is the perfect template for an FPS.

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Find the TimeSplitters games on PS2, XBOX and GameCube. They are the closest to Goldeneye/Perfect Dark you can get.
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Find the TimeSplitters games on PS2, XBOX and GameCube. They are the closest to Goldeneye/Perfect Dark you can get.nintendoboy16
Agrees. I have TimeSplitters 2 on Xbox and yes it is great and Dat Multiplayer :D Man I wish Free Radical would make that new TimeSplitters or a New FPS ip.