'Warsim: The Realm of Aslona' The best kingdom management rpg you've never heard of

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Hello guys I'm Huw,

I'm the developer of an indie game called Warsim: The Realm of Aslona and I'm just making a post to share the games development on this forum, I'll be updating the post with changelogs and relevant developments and updates, the games been in development for over three years already and there's plenty more to come, feel free to comment any suggestions or questions you have and I'll be happy to answer them!



In Warsim: The Realm of Aslona you take the reigns of the kingdom of Aslona in a world filled with rebels, bandits, goblins, and five procedurally generated kingdoms pooling from over 300'000 possible fantasy races that each vary massively. Unlike most kingdom management games Warsim allows you to indulge in being a ruler, maybe you blow the kingdoms coffers on feasts, entertainment, and gambling!

Warsim's world features a mix of pre-made content and procedurally generated content producing a rich gameworld with more possibilities than you might expect, Check out the feature list below for more idea of what to expect and if you're on the fence about the game my advice would be to read the steam reviews as I feel nothing else demonstrates the fun that can be had better!


  • Scores of places to explore including, a giant blackmarket filled with mystery and wonder, hidden cities (that's right multiple of them), Two schools where you can take lessons, one in music and one in history, a procedurally generated newspaper, and tons more, there has been an excessive amount of time spent fleshing out the world, exploration is heavily rewarded.
  • An arena which you can takeover and grow, or watch and bet on, holding giant tournaments and rooting for champions as they climb the ranks and get remembered for eternity.
  • A unique facial procedural generation system that can produce well over 100 quadrillion different faces for a variety of different races from Humans and orcs, to kobolds and treemen.
  • Deal with the throne room, a complex place with thousands of possible encounters and visitors, how will you manage the realm and treat your people?
  • Listen to some procedurally generated music, be it the drum solo of a nervous travelling goblin bard, or the proud music prowess of a well trained vampire showing off with his vampyric lute (or find the music guild and try your own hand at playing these instruments)
  • Tons of random events, no game will be the same, with the kingdoms, rulers and events always being different and hard to predict.
  • Procedurally generated kingdoms, bandit gangs and mercenary groups, never get the same group twice, be they Seafaring Goblins, Fire Orcs, Eyeless Elves or the Famed Half-Turtles of the Western Turtledom, all these races possible and over three hundred thousand more!
  • Countless mini-games played in taverns, your throne room, or around in the world to keep you entertained.
  • And so much more...

- The main Warsim community is reddit with over 1000 subscribers - www.reddit.com/r/warsimrpg

- Get the game on steam for $4.99- https://store.steampowered.com/app/659540/Warsim_The_Realm_of_Aslona/?beta=0

- or Itch.io https://huw2k8.itch.io/warsim

The game has a 96% positive rating on steam from over 100 reviews and is currently ranked on steam250.com's list of indie hidden gems, the game was heavily inspired by games like Dwarf fortress, mount and blade, Elder scrolls oblivion, and king of dragon pass which are all pretty much my favourite games ever.


Here's a bunch of screenshots that make some effort showing the diversity of the game and some of the different things you can see and get up to!


Main game screen


Exploring the Near North, a region of the world.


At the local fight pit (early pre-upgraded arena)


At the Colossal Arena, the highest level of Arena


A few visitors in the throne room!


A look at the districts of the mighty Blackmarket!


A procedurally generated leader of a kingdom of Swamp Treemen


The extras menu (tons of stuff to explore in here)


A travelling gamemaster looking to play one of the many popular tavern games in Warsim called sudden death!


A mercenary leader goblin called Tomk


A walk through the demonic realm!


A look at the town of Goblinwood, a bustling place filled with strange goblin folk


The hallway of the history guild, a place where you can take classes and exams!


A vampire bard playing a procedurally generated tune on his lute!