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hello fellow gamers im here to tell you that the company that puts out games on facebook zynga is a crap company that does not know how to make or run a desent game they add new content faster then they can get the current content running smoothly they are always adding timed quest and dont give you enough time to finish without spending money it if your not a hard core ful time gamer who does not work go to school or have any kind of social life and to top it all off when a problem in one of there games you play does arise you will be totally frustrated with there idea of support i entered a ticket over 3 weeks ago and my issue still has not been addressed properly or fixed so in short i would not play any games made by this company or at the very lest dont spend any real money its not worth it and you will end up regretting it

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thanks for the heads up, bro.

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most of gaming pubs have their own kind of issues. slow bug fixes, crappy customer service handling, billing issues, and the list goes on. sometimes, problems are being caused by another aspect that the pubs don't have a control on. imo, most of the browser based games are not worth investing any kind of money on. however, if you truly enjoy their game, then why not show your support and purchase a thing or two from them. all games have to be maintained which costs money and remember, customer purchase is the blood that supports the life of your beloved games. without customers paying, then any game will cease to exist. just like in common market. if no one buys at your store, it's almost certain that you'll be forced to close it down due to financial issues.