voice acting vs voice language

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so i ask, which is a higher priority? voice "acting" or voice 'language'? of course when i said 'language' i meant spoken in english the population that think it's voice "acting" that matters is an overwhelming majority, but i have to say even if people don't like it, that's no excuse to search for a non-english voiced version of the game just to get away from an english voice cast and do you know what really pisses me off/! nobody's every checked for an option to change the volume of the music/sounds/voices instead everyone is complaining about japanese games for having an english voice cast like the english spoken japanese RPGs, the english spoken shenmue games, the english spoken dead or alive games, the sonic games, the tekken games, the final fantasy games, the resident evil games, the mortal kombat games, the tenchu games, the onimusha games just have people complaining about EVERY game known to man with an english voice cast, why stop at metal gear solid or god of war?!