Violence and the effect it has on gamers.

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I have chosen to write a paper on the video game violence and whether or not it makes gamers become violent. My hypothesis is that it is not the games themselves that make the gamers turn violent in real life but something psychological that could be wrong with him/her. The second part of my essay is on how violent video games help gamers "grow-up" by using heroes in the games as role models. I am supporting my thesis with facts from psychologists and people on these forums. If you could help with your opinions that would be wonderful. Thank you all.
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While I have no strong opinion one way or the other, I would recommend you Click Here to read what others had to say.

EDIT: There is also a video the site put up in which they discuss this very subject as well as comments on the video made by other users who share their thoughts.

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yeah i saw the video after i had already posted, and thank you for the link
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I wrote my university paper on this also - found that a good load of stuff is by an American Dr i think by the name of Anderson, he was very anti games in the 2000s (round about the time when i wrote my paper) and he basically came out with all this crap that is never proven. He has lots of theories but none that are ever proven, and if anything had the oppisite affect and actually relaxed agressive people............

Also it is always good to point out that statistical trends do not mean they are related, so even if you could find stats showing a rise in violent games and a rise in agrresive crimes (if i remember correctly i found the oppisite to be true here as well with violent crimes in general to be at an all time low across most 1st world countries). Its like me pulling out a graph with bake beans sales and cancer and saying that bake beans cause cancer as we can see a steady increase in both over the last 30years.

Good luck with your paper my friend!