Video Game Movies Yes or No

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I was riding around with my Uncle the other day and I told him an Assassin's Creed movie was in the works he laughed then said it was going to bomb.... I was wondering what every ones opinions on video game movies were should they keep trying or just give it up already. Also list your top 5 video game movies and your least favorite.

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The idea of a Halo movie sounds amazing to me.

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Video game based movies usually suck 90% of the time, with the original creators having no hand in its development and the director taking creative liberties with...everything. I will go see a video game movie if it doesn't completley suck though. I remember seeing some of the Mortal Kombat movies on HBO years ago, and they were pretty decent.

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They should totally make some more. And let the Directors have more creative control.
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Yes. Even though I can't say that I've ever seen a genuinely good movie based on a videogame, I honestly can't think of any reason why a good movie based on a videogame is so impossible. By all means, I want people to keep trying. And people WILL keep trying. I just wish that they'd pay more attention to what isn't working. One of the problems is that the exact same mistakes seem to be made.
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With the Assassin's Creed and Metal Gear Solid Movies incoming it's the first time they chose video game movies where the base material (the game itself) already has and is known for strong and good stories. That's the problem we had so far:

The movies always only worked towards the flashy effect and the "Oh I know this from the game"-moments. The above mentioned of course should have those too but can you name ONE video game movie of the past where the focus was on the story?

Nothing, because those who made it into movies never HAD a strong story in the first place. And AC and MGS certainly will change that, it could work very well now, finally.

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They're usually horrible but then again so is just about everything Hollywood makes. I like a few of them like the Resident Evil movies (except the second one which sucked) and I actually didn't think Bloodrayne was all that bad for an Ewe Boll movie. Final Fantasy The Spirits Within was pretty good. And House of the Dead was entertaining on a "so bad it's good" level. For the worst, I dunno, pretty hard to beat Super Mario Brothers I guess, though I found it entertaining.

Generally any video game movies aren't going to have much of anything to do with the game they're based on. They'll just make something with a few character names form the game and maybe get the genre right, that's about it.

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Video game movies can be a pain, but I do movies that uses video game concepts and makes references such as Scott Pilgrim vs The World or the newly released Wretch-It Ralph.