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Are we getting to a point where, instead of a company or series for gaming, per se, we rather focus on the creators behind it? The writers involved?

It could just be that I am paying more attention to this type of thing, these days. But it seems there is more of a focus on "auteur" like people behind the stories like Ken Levine or David Cage. It seems that the focus is getting put on interviews with these people, instead of gameplay or trailers. At the very least, it seems there is more of a focus on this, than there used to be.

Even with the likes of indie games, that are solely made by one person. I know Peter Molyneux has always been pretty outspoken about his gaming ideas, and how amazing they are (then they'd seem less amazing once you actually play them) but all the same, are games going to see more of a "name stamp" on them in the future? and is this a good thing?

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You mean Video Game lead Directors/Designers ? Yeah sure, why not.

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@bob_toeback: It's unavoidable. Reminds me of a quote that said 'every writer's first novel is autobiographical'.
It's fun to look back and see how much DOOM was a reflection of John Romero and John Carmack's interests. The greatest ode to D&D Heavy Metal, Horror and Action Films, and puzzle games. Things that don't necessarily have anything to do with each other in a near perfect singular cultural mash-up. or how much GTA reflects the Houser bros, Leslie Benzies, and Jaime King's (America from an outsider's view, hip-hop, mob flicks and rock nostalgia) perspective.

Even from Japanese designers and indie designers you see the balance in their mechanics are part of their philosophy in game design.

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We're creatures of habit. And it's fun to know "The man(or woman) behind the curtain". It's why we follow film directors we like, it's why we will watch a television series with an actor who has impressed us, and its' why an author of a popular series can count on her next series getting sales from fans who are curious to see what else they can do.

Tim Shaffer of Double Fine and his whole team are prime examples. They made all those point-n-click adventure games back in the 90s and built a following of fans who like clever entertaining puzzles and dialog. So you know what you're getting when the (metaphorical) box says "Double Fine Productions" on it. You'll get something a little left of center, but always interesting.

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Well there are authors who make the entire games. George Kamitani is one and his works are quite impressive I have to say. If I like their line of work then I'd make sure to check their latest if I don't, I wouldn't. Some designers would be a great addition to any team, e.g. Shinji Mikami, Hideki Kamiya. Some really affect the quality of a series e.g. Final Fantasy and the departure of Sakaguchi.