Use this thread to thank a video game!

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Hello everyone,

Video games aren't mind-numbing wastes of time. Instead, they are portals to another world, they are expressions of one's own creativity and passion, and they are methods of THERAPY. Throughout my time in University, I dealt with a ton of stressors (exams, "Friends", crappy relationships). As I reflect back however, I had an amazing time in University, I owe this to two games. These games provided me with something to do after class (so I didn't have to rely on others), a reward (If I study for 2 hours, I can play 2 hours of gaming), they provided me with an escape. These were HIGH quality games.

1) Battlefield 4. Man, from my XB1 to my PS4, I have probably 200 hours playing online. I've NEVER played a shooter which had EVERYTHING in it... EVERYTHING. Total absolute teamwork is required to demolish your opponents. So much skill is required, from concepts such as bullet drop, to being able to revive your teammates without being demolished by the other team LOL. Good times. Their vehicles required SKILL and VIGILANCE; sometimes you are a sitting duck as a vehicle driver but guess what? If you had engineers in your squad, you'll survive just fine :D

2) Fallout 4. Do I need to explain any further? The immersiveness, the decisions you make and the consquences they have, the EXPLORATION. Oh man. Spent over 100 Hours on this game and I have no regrets. It got me through some tough times and I ended up happier than ever during the time I was hooked onto this game!!

Thank you Bethesda and DICE.

Any thoughts of my selections? What are yours?

Thank you.

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Plenty of games that I could list but because it's early and I can't be bothered, I'll just say thank-you MK8 Deluxe.

Nearly 700 hours strong. :P

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Thank you Fallout 76 for saving me money and making funny memes.

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Thank you Yars Revenge and Missile Command for showing me the joy of never leaving my house and twiddling my thumbs all day while staring at a TV screen.

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Thank you New Retro Arcade Neon VR for making me feel like I time traveled back to the 90's.

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Prefer to thank the people who made the games over the games themselves. But yes, thank you great developers for making great games. A great pass-time and something I enjoy immensely.

I do not view/ or enjoy games as "portals to another world" like OP. But if he prefers to play games purely for immersion? that is great also.

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Fallout 3.

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I also think that need to thank game developers, not the game

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Thank you Microsoft for getting online console gaming right the first time and continuing to lead the pack in innovation.

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@Sevenizz said:

Thank you Microsoft for getting online console gaming right the first time and continuing to lead the pack in innovation.


*While a joke the gif above is from an Xbox game, one of the better ones as well (Metal Wolf Chaos)

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@pitbulllova said:

2) Fallout 4....

Any thoughts of my selections?


not my cup of tea unfortunately. it felt like it tried to be an action rpg but fell short in both areas. too little depth to be considered a good rpg, not strong enough mechanics to be considered a good shooter.

but i'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Thank you Mario Odyssey for making me smile for hours and hours :)