Titanfall appears to look terrible.

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@speedfreak48t5p said:

Some good Japanese games there. Still need to play Vanquish and Sonic all stars racing one of these days.

Now list all the western games you like.

Why? Most western games that I play that I like are more of a lukewarm "like" than a "wow this is great". They often either have too many problems or just aren't very interesting or memorable in the end,

A few western games that I actually really like:

-The Swapper
-Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed

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#52 Posted by vedette20 (25 posts) -

I saw there video before and I somewhat don't like it. Maybe because it wasn't the type I like.

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Destiny will be better. I understand they are completely different but Destiny seems to offer so much more than Titanfall which seem to be nothing but MP with bots.

Regardless, I will give it a chance since Halo Reach and MW 2 were the last MPs I took remotely serious.

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@pupp3t_mast3r: There is no way those shots are accurate. Even with BF4 the early shots looked horrible but it turned out to look like a really good game so I wouldn't be surprised if Titanfall turns out to look as good if not better than BF4 and KZSF. It wont be easy on the Xbone but after titles like Forza 5 I know they can produce good visuals.

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@Pffrbt said:

The game looks really boring and uninteresting.

Yeah, I have to admit that the recent footage we've seen has made me less interested in the game. I was expecting far greater movement capabilities, but from what I've seen, it's just a CoD clone with the ability to jump higher.

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@Pffrbt: LOL XD I remember turning L4D into a TPS since I appreciate the game more that way.

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Does the world really need another thread about how they aren't impressed with TItanFall? If you think it looks bad, don't buy it and move on.

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Who gives a **** about the graphics? the game looks crazy fun! its prob the 360 version anyway

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It could be the screenshot?

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Looks like PS2 graphics. Absolutely unforgivable.

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@BluRayHiDef said:

Looks like PS2 graphics. Absolutely unforgivable.

Which makes them inaccurate then IMO.