Third person SH games suggestion?

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Hi, everyone. I already posted this in the RE6 review comments. Only now I came to know about this forum here :( Anyway: I've been out of gaming for some years and it seems my favourite franchises are no longer the same. I'd like to ask if there are any games out there these days which resemble the survival horror style. I mean, moderately paced third person shooters with "atmosphere" and focus in puzzle solving. Thanks.
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Silent hill Downpour is worth a play through, it's still got the fundamentals behind it. Dead Space is definitely a must, it has it's scares but not much for puzzles. As for the new RE's stay away, they are not worth the time.
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If you want a TPS shooter with horror themes then Dead Space is the way to go. They get more actiony though so be warned.

Silent Hill Homecoming and Downpour are both good, but they aren't shooters. Both are survival horror games... Although Downpour is the better of the two since it doesn't force combat on you as much.

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Dead Space (first one is a must, others are not) and Silent Hill Downpour are both good choices for 3rd person survival-horror games. Dead Space has a great blend of combat and suspense, whereas SH is much more about psychological horror and avoiding many combat situations. Both would be must plays if I'm giving recommendations.

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if you have wii play resident evil archives: resident evil & resident evil archives:resident evil 0

other resident evil games that are worth to play are resident evil 2&3 and resident evil: code veronica x


and i also recommend you to play silent hill hd & 1(emulated on pc)

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So indie games are taking over the survival horror genre but I think the top 3 triple a third person survival horror games are

1 dead space 1

2 resident evil 4

3 alan wake