There should be more RPGs made

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Even though there's a lot of rpgs, ive played all of them to the point where theres no more replayability and i wish there were more :/
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There should be more good RPGs made at least. Hopefully e3 will offer some insight. I really look forward to Witcher 3, I also have hopes for Dragon Age 3 since there has been no hype and they seemingly spend more time developing the game instead of talking about it this time around. Nuclear Union seems like an interesting Falloutesque game set in Russia. Lastly I really hope we'll see Bethesda announce Fallout 4 this e3, these four titles would make me a busy and happy man for a long time, if they turn out well of couse. (especially with DA3 in mind)

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You've played all of them? Jesus man, how'd you find the time? RPGs are long.

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There are times when I feel the same way. I always search the internet for news of anything new. Sadly there seems to be more rpg's coming out for systems I dont have, like Vita and 3DS. The next one I know of is Tales of Xillia in August. I have the Japanese version, and it is amazing. I am also looking forward to the Witcher 3 and Dragon age 3, hoping they improve from the disappointing DA 2. Fallout 4 would be a day 1 buy as well.

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Yeah, I hope this next gen Sony goes back to its roots a bit and start pumping out more RPG and JRPG games.

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I do agree with you. There's an abudance of them, but not many of them are very engaging. I don't mind RPGs like Skyrim, but I'd prefer RPGs like Zelda or Final Fantasy, those classic ones that really knock you off your feet and make you keep playing. Though they seem primitive, they play just as well if not better like RPGs today.
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The problem is "RPG" is an incredibly broad genre that covers a huge range of gameplay and art styles.

It would help if you narrowed down what kinds of RPGs you've played to death and wish for more of... So that we may perhaps suggests obscure games we know in the hopes we might know one you don't yet.

Otherwise it sounds like you mean everything (J-RPGs, Action-RPGs, Strategy-RPGs, those shooter-RPGs like Mass Effect and Borderlands, etc) which case... really? ALL of them?