there just are too many ruddy good games.

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Seriously. On one hand I'm so relieved and pleased to see the indie scene turning away from FPS's and over the top violence, but on the other hand I find myself browsing through the Steam catalogue, seeing all those wonderfull little games I'd love to play, and just not buying any of them since there's too many to pick from.

Maybe I've fallen victim of 25 years of console gaming. If I buy a game I've been programmed to assume I'll be playing it for multiple hours on end. No matter if that game costs me 2 of 60. Maybe I should just get used to buying a 2 game and considering it done after playing through it in a couple of hours on one sitting. But what if I do like it as much as I think I will? I'll want to play it again. And again. Meaning I won't be playing anything else that might be equally delightfull or even more so. So many games, so little time.

How do you spread your gaming time?  Do you sit down with one game at a time and allow yourself to be immersed in it untill you've seen everything you deem worthy of seeing, or do you flit between different games, putting one 20+ hour game on hold to breeze through the likes of Limbo or even more condenced experiences?

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That is the exact reason I never finish a game!! I start to play one, then something good comes out and I'll get it. So I'll put the first game aside to try the new one, except instead of just checking it out, I try to play through it. Then a third game comes out that I get. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Now, I've been trying to go through my backlog by playing the oldest games first. But I must have some form of gaming A.D.D. because I always want to switch games after a while. It's really hard for me to play just one game exclusively, until I beat it.

But, hey, if that's the worst problem, then maybe gaming isn't in as bad a state as so many people say it is.

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Really? I'd say the problem is more like "There's too many ruddy games that LOOK like they're going to be good but end up being under-developed, rushed-out, over-hyped, laggy, poorly-programmed, re-hashed, cash-in pieces of s**t designed to trick us into parting with $60".........
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some ruddy good games i see.

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i know what you mean, i go through at least two games at a time, if i get bored or frustrated i just switch over
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I'll have one big game I'm playing and sometimes will take a break to play through a shorter game. I was playing Far Cry 3, took a break to play through The Walking Dead episodes, then went back and finished Far Cry 3. I just finished Tomb Raider and now I'm playing Gravity Rush on Vita, picking up Bioshock soon and probably going to be playing GTAIV: Episodes in between. After that I need to finally play Heavy Rain.. still unopened and had it for 2 years. Trying to get through my PS3 backlog slowly slowly between newer games since I'm getting the PS4 day 1.. hoping the new XBox will be backwards compatible so I don't have to try to rush through that back log too.
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i play through one game at a time. there are a few exceptions, like i might play a few rounds of counter-strike (if i'm not already playing a fps. i don't like getting control schemes messed up) because it's something that lends itself to sessions that are a few minutes long. however, it's a rarity. without some degree of focus, i'd never enjoy any games.

for similar reasons, it's a rarity that i buy more than one game at once. even with big sales, i'd much rather be shopping for games than for deals.