The Witcher 3 PS4 Pro or PC?

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Thinking about going back to this game while there is a bit of lack of great titles this time of the year. I suspect if I wait longer I won't go back to it. Would it look better on the PS4 Pro which now has HDR support for the game, or would the PC version without HDR support but with better graphical power (I have a 2080Ti rig) be a better choice? I will be playing on a 4K projector in both cases.

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PC, duh. Why subject yourself to 30fps? I'm fortunate to have HDR on my monitor.

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Well, if you have a good "rig", it will look better on a PC (plus, there are some graphical modifications, which you can download from Nexusmods. The console cannot offer that), but, frankly, IMO, since I'm just an ameteur game-player, I don't feel that big of a difference between the PC and PS4 versions of video-games (FPS quantity for me is no big deal).

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Pc obviously. The inventory menu in ps4 ver is laggy, really annoying to browse items when you really felt the delay. Installing ssd might mitigate this but really recommends you to buy pc ver if can hit 60fps unless, ps4 ver is cheaper.

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Even if you had to tone down the graphics I would go after 60+ FPS

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I love the Witcher 3 and I own it on both PC & PS4 but the reason why I got it on PS4 was for review purposes between the version. Playing the Witcher 3 on PC is the clear winner and between PC & consoles, it's day/night, the PC version with 60fps makes a huge difference when I'm playing it with a controller that is my Xbox Elite controller.

The PS4 version has native 1080p, but it's struggles in 30fps and the menu screen is so slow on the console version and not to mention the loading screens is a bitch!

PC version is the clear winner.

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Only played on PS4 but it would clearly benefit from playing on P.C. for someone trying TW3 for the first time, wish I did honestly. Both versions won't change the glaring flaws I found, but may perk its benefits.

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Of course a PC, it's stupid to get 30 fps. PC is best!