The Ultimate freeware games MEGA collection database (with links)

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Woah! So many to look out for. Thanks a lot.

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So a while back I added a game on the misc category called The captains log. In that game humanity's first ftl ship misjumps and finds itself with all hands aboard on the other side of the galaxy. You need to jump from planet to planet trying to gather resources in order to survive until you reached earth. It is fairly simple and challenging, though thats mainly due to RNG. Playing it I thought that it worked as a game and that the concept was very cool, but I wished that it would be explored further with deeper gameplay. My wish is granded it would seem.

The long journey home seems to be what I wished captains log to be. Couple of points I have gripes with is that Is set only on a 2D plane and that features alien races which kind of kills the atmosphere of isolation that the capatain's log gives. In anycase Im looking forward to it.

How can i download this game? Is it available for PC?

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@namarawras: Which one? Captain's log or The long journey home

In any case. This is captain's log which is freeware, while you can find the long journey home on steam.

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Can't remember if I posted this, is so, apologize if this is the case.

Momodora I/II are free.

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@PETERAKO: Thanks a lot. I will play Long Journey first.

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I think my game fits the bill:

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Oh cool! thank

Also add to this list of cool car games, not children's games, click on the link: