The Ultimate freeware games MEGA collection database (with links)

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Okay, *huffs* that is way to much information for me to handle. I am a heavy reader and even i did not get to the bottom without not reading some of it, You need to make like a top 5 not of your favorites but of top rated FreeWare Games.

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so many selection

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Not sure if posed, but the first 2 Momodora games are free.

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i dont know about this

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-Megaman Unlimited: Its megaman. Nothing more needs to be said.

Megaman Unlimited link is dead, fyi.

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I think

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yes its true

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So much helpful content . Thanks for giving the Mega collection with links . Thank you

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Oh man you made my day!! THANK YOU <33

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wow this is amazing, thank you so much PlexLucky PatcherKodi

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Oh damn dude, You made my day! Huge thanks!

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Ohh..! that's aan amazing post thanks for sharing

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Typhoon 2001 !!! It's a freeware Tempest 2000 update for the PC that has native support for USB "spinner" rotary controllers, The graphics are a bit updated but the gameplay has remained the same and even the game techno music and sounds are the same as the jag game! "Super Zapper Recharged" and "Yes, Yes, Yes!" it's all in there AND it's free!

The most updated version is typhoon_2001_r3992_install.exe...

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Is This LEGIT?

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hello There are many interesting games.