The Ultimate freeware games MEGA collection database (with links)

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very great post :P

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About to be released in April.

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Oh, link to site, seems a few fan games have been made.

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Nice :D I will try some of them for sure. Thanks!

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Thanks for this list! I'll have to try some of these games out.

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they are making me post 3 times

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Wow! Big collection. While I may not like most of the games listed here, I can say your efforts are remarkable.

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Just posting so i cant start my own thread, dont mind meee....

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Thanks !

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Yume Nikki (Remake coming soon)


Hide The link provided it's a webarchive copy since the original page links are dead


Desert Nightmare


OSU An online rhythm game, It can get very hardcore but the difficulty can be customized and you can add beatmaps (and the standards are not that low)


Marathon Trilogy

Hades 2 Despite the name it's not a sequel to anything

Estranged: Act I

Estranged: Act II

(Both standalone, but Act II is in early access)


Paranoia 2

(Both standalone and inspired by F.E.A.R.)

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (Multiplayer)


Cube 2: Sauerbraten Runs on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows, and it also has a SP campaing



N Addicting and with a good physics


TrackMania Nations Forever Perfect for low end pc, you can also build tracks and add new cars

Dead links

Shapeshifter biker dead link, new link

Mubbly tower dead link, new link

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Did you summon me TC?

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thanks for the awesome list....TAG

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Do people still use this website?

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abstract or experimental games). After quite a bit of time keeping them to myself, I decided to share them with the world. So, here they are, seperated by genre or category. All free and all for you. Just click the names. I will update the list as needed.

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Wtf is going on here? Is spam now allowed?