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Greetings, users. I am an explorer whose travels took him far and wide within the worldwide web. I searched and unearthed a large amount of hidden gems, and propably one of the best reasons to own a PC(any PC). Not everything I found was to my liking however(like abstract or experimental games). After quite a bit of time keeping them to myself, I decided to share them with the world. So, here they are, seperated by genre or category. All free and all for you. Just click the names. I will update the list as needed.



Here you'll see the games through their developers. These games will not be present in individual genres.

-S64 games: NOTE: This dev's website is no more. You can get his games by clicking their names. Made quite a few games in game maker. Most notable games are the Jetz rampage series and street bike fury where you ride a motorbike and try to survive.

-Pistachio productions: Known for the IGF nominated game Ocular ink where you control an eyeball and interact and fight using a paint brush. Another notable game is Knight of the living dead an arena action game where you need to fight hordes of zombies with either your sword or a range of different powers.

-Niffla's games: A dev known for knytt and within a deep forest, a series of minimalistic challenging plaform games THANKS TO: @Black_Knight_00 for mentioning within a deep forest and help me find this dev.

-Squiddershins: A fairly unknown indie dev. His most notable games are fuzz power, moustache king adventure and jables's adventure, all excellent action/adventure platformers. Only payware game here is tic toc isle.

-Winterworks: Has some small, neat games, but the crown jewel of this dev is hurrican, an awesome clone of the SNES classic super turrican.

-Locomalito: A major player in the freeware games scene. His games are love letters to the games of old with some originals thrown in. His most remarkable work is hydorah, a gradius style shmup. They came from verminest and maldita castilla are also some of his most notable work.

-Teknopants: Among the freeware games community, is known for creating action fist, a great action platformer.

-DerekYu: A master freeware indie dev. His most renowned game is eternal daughter, an amazing metroidvania type game that should it had been released during the age of SNES, we would have a classic in our hands today. Among others, theres also I am ok, a satirical 2D shooter inspired by the rumblings of Jack Tompson.

-Wyrdysm: Though he didn't make a lot of fully realised games, he has a game that makes up for it. Battleships forever is a labour of love. Its a tactical RTS involving spaceships duking it out. It comes with a full campaign and an editor that allows you to create your own ships.

-Binary zoo: Has made some quite fun games, most notable of which, is echoes+, an arena style shmup in the vein of geometry wars, which is free on steam.

-Robit games: Another dev that made a game that would have turned into a classic if it came back in the SNES era. I'm talking about treasure adventure game, a metroidvania game that has a very interesting plot and plenty of exploration. He has some other minor games. Is currently developing the remake of treasure adventure game named treasure adventure world.

-Origami hero: The library of games made by this dev is rediculous. Notable examples include the a game with a kitty series of platform games, which has spawed a series of sequels and spinoffs and the treasure hunter man series which is a metroidvania type series.

-Superfun dungeon run: From Creator Arthur Lee. His most known game is Merry gear solid which is obviouosly an MGS parody.

-Tangram games: Neat little dev. His most notable game is Mr. rescue, a game with a firefighter who puts out fires and tries to save people from burning buildings

-Foppy games: Has made a variety of OUYA games. My fav of his games is a top down action shooter called ranger.

-Pixer licker games: Home to the simplistic, but surprisingly compeling game, slaying.

-Doomlaser: As it says on the site's front, doomlaser builds games, and one these games is space barnacle.

-Killed by a pixel: Made quite a few games, but my favourite is fasterblaster, A metroidvania where you control a vehicle.

-Daniel's base: Home to to the suberb action adventure game iji, and the immensely fun arena shooter hyper princess pitch.

-Stab yourself: Made quite a few popular games like the physics based game not tetris, and mari0 which is super mario bros with portals.

-Bomb service: Known for making the momodora series of action plarformers. Only momodora 1 and 2 are free

-Lazy cow: This dev has made a variety of retro styled games that actually play on old systems like the commodore 64.

-16x16: Not many games here. Notable for Rescue: the beagles.

-Pug fugly games: A Dev with three games for PC. The 2 most notable are a great shmup named return to sector 9 and a one screen action platformer named destructivator.

-Astro port: Action shmups gallore. Only problem is the entire site is in japanese. This might give you some trouble trying to downroadu the games. Not everything is free.

-Ishisoft: In here you will find a variety of action and puzzle games. There are some games made for other platforms, but it says which ones are available where.

-Reflect games: Plenty of games here. I have tried aces high over verlor island an arena shooter with a biplane and evolites, a game where you control the enviroment of micro-organisms, a sort of life simulator.

-RGCD: This dev got involved in an awful lot of payware games(many of which are made for old home computers and consoles). Notable freeware games are r0x a shooter and shadowbreak a hack and slash breakout shooter thing. Look in their library of games and see whats freeware.

-Pixel's works: The devs behind the infamous cave story and kero blaster. Only the base PC version of cave story is free, while kero blaster is exclusively payware. Other free games include Ikachan and the pink series. THANKS TO: @Black_Knight_00 for bringing Ikatchan to my attention.

-Fully ramblomatic: Games made by infamous game journalist and critic Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw who works for the escapist. Main attraction is the chzo mythos, a series of horror adventure games. Trilby the art of theft a 2d stealth game and Poacher a humorus metroidvania are also noteworthy. THANKS TO: @Black_Knight_00 for bringing chzo mythos to my attention.

Thats just about it with indie devs. If there is a dev you think it needs to be posted here please let me now. Preferably not a dev that goes with the abstract and experimental approaches.


Here, games are seperated by genres since they are not part of a developers library.


If Jumping, blasting and killing is your way of doing things, then you got a lot to go through here.

-Gun princess 2: A superb metroidvania. You need to save your sister from a pirate bear. Its both light on story and feel, but its very fun to play. You dont need to play the first one as it is self contained.

-Mangoman: A simple megaman clone with very likable graphics. Though not as difficult as original megaman games its still challenging.

-Magical sound car: A minimalistic platform game that feels like it originated in the first game boy. You control a toy car and you need to traverse tricky levels in order to reach the kid at the end.

-Destructanks: In destructanks you control a tank and you have to destroy everything in order to gain time and beat the countdown. Time running out means you lose. Its very fun if you get over how brutal the clock is.

-Try harder: A runner platform game in the same vain as the bit trip games with simpler graphics. Its fun addicting and worth your time.

-Another metroid 2 remake: Top of the line fan game aiming at remaking the classic gameboy game with improved graphics and sound. NOTE: Since Nintendo has demanded the removal of any downloads you wont be able to find it in its official blog. You need to search it yourself. Be warned of fake downloads!

-Megaman 2.5D: Sometimes the fans can surpas the original's ideas. This is the case with this. The classic megaman only this time you can move into the foreground and background

-Half life 2D: The classic half life show in a whole new perspective.

-Team fortress arcade: Contrary to other TF fan games, this one is not multiplayer. instead its single player sidescrolling action that shares some elements with beat em ups.

-Gang garrison 2: Find out what it would be like if team fortress 2 was a sidescrolling 8 bit multiplayer shooter game.

-Counter strike 2D: A top down 2D version of counter strike. It has two total conversion mods, left4dead 2D that transforms it into left 4 dead and Team fortress 2D that turns it into team fortress. It has a level editor.

-Metroid comfrontation: A metroid fangame that has nothing to be envious from official games.

-Captain claw: What happens when you replace british colonial forces with kanines and pirates with felines? This game. A mighty fine platform game from 97. It was commercial, but was released as freeware.

-Super mario forever: A great mario fan game. If you're itching for some super mario action, then check it out.

-Super mario war: In this multiplayer action game, you try to stomp on your opponents or use other powerups in order to win. It has a level editor, and a multitude of modes and characters to play with.

-Night of the cephalopods: A neat little action game that experiments with dynamic narrative where you need to fight off floating octopuses.

-Altitude: A formerly commercial game. Its a MP focused 2D aircombat game that has physics where your aircraft gets affected by them.

-Alien arena: A multiplayer focused FPS in the same vein as unreal tournament and quake 3 arena.

-Super crate box: Made from vlambeer, the dev mostly known for making luftrausers and nuclear throne, super crate box is a one screen action game where you basically need to collect as many crates as you can while theres an endless wave of baddies. The twist is that each crate you collect gives you a random weapon so you must make the most of it. Oh and you die with one hit. available only through steam.

-Khimera: destroy all monster girls: A very fun action platformer that has everything. Jumping, items, secrets, collectibles an overworld, plenty of challenge, excelent pixel art and fair amounts of humour. You can grab it in steam for free. THANKS TO: @pook99 for discovering this game and let me know about it.

-Flail rider: Take control of a little car swinging a flail around, destroying everything. try to cause as much damage as you can but don't collide with anything or its game over.

-Hydra castle labyrinth: A japanese metroidvania style action game with cutsie art style. Download link is at the bottom of the page just above the comment section.

-Major hertz: A short but sweet shooter about a badass space marine who goes to obliterate his enemies.

-Mr. kitty's quest: In this simple game, you control a gun totting cat who goes about exploring and shooting hostile creatures. You play on a top down perpective and the game has some elements from early zelda games

-Over my dead body: Its a game where you control both the ghost and undead body of a recently murdered scientist, trying to navigate a hostile enviroment with guards etc. Best played with a controler, using two analog sticks.

-Streambolt & Streambolt desero: These are two quite good sidescrolling action shooters. Made by Gustav Kilman, who worked on games with avalanche and games like shantae.

-Ainevoltas 2: Another medroidvania with RPG elements. Fairly simple, but still fun. Don't ask me where Ainevoltas 1 is. I don't know.

-Alex's adventure: If you wished there were more metroidvania games out there, then I guess its your lucky day. Alex's adventure is a fun and challenging metroidvania platorm game.

-Arvosine: A rather simple, but hard action platformer where you control a legionare

-Infernal edge: A great action game where you crawl on the sides of some sort of space station. you need to use your grapler to avoid obstacles while you need to shoot incoming baddies hellbent on ruining your day.

-Joe snow: Follow the adventures of a little sentient snowball in its quest to save his planet in this one screen platformer. Absolutely no relation with game of thrones.

-Megaman Unlimited: Its megaman. Nothing more needs to be said.

-Mibibli's quest: This is an absolutely wierd and trippy and thoroughly disturbing action platformer. Play at your own risk.

-Street fighters vs megaman: Its megaman where he fights the cast of street fighter instead of standard bosses. Its great.

-spelunky classic: Explore underground caverns, gather treasure and rescue damsels. I find the graphics to be better than their HD counterpart.

-The power: An action platformer with wierd, neon graphics. Worth a look.

-Blackfoot: A game with an original concept. You control a weasel and try to survive by hunting. It includes light RPG elements

-Neva: A platformer with great graphics and great art direction.


-Xonotic: A fast paced arena Multiplayer FPS in the vein of unreal and quake. THANKS TO: @kruton9000gamer for mentioning this game

-Assault Cube: A counter strikesqe multiplayer FPS based on the cube engine. Its open source, so you can tweak it to your pleasure. THANKS TO: @kruton9000gamer for this also.

-Cry of fear: A free horror FPS you can get on steam, with multiple endings, unlockables, plenty of weapons, coop campaign for 4 players and modability and quite a few custom build scenarios. You cant go wrong with this. THANKS TO: @GameboyTroy and his link which led me to find cry of fear.


Games for people who value plot, world, puzzles and mystery

-Heroine's quest: A love letter to kings quest and quest for glory. Its a point and click adventure RPG with some RPG elements. It also has excelent music and its fully voice acted. Many surprising elements for a free game.

-Serena: A walking simulator without the walking. You are in an wooden cabin. You navigate in the style of the myst games and try to examine items to remember what happened in there. Short but fairly interesting. Sarah Wilson aka pushinguproses lends her voice in this game. THANKS TO: @Black_Knight_00 for mentioning this game

-King's quest chapter 1: The first chapter of this classic styled point and click adventure and reboot to the fanous adventure series was made free. Worth the try.

-The knobbly crook: A kinda disturbing, but humorous point and click adventure on steam. Chapter 1 is the only one so far.

-The silver lining: A Kings quest game that almost got disissted. Praised be the copyright gods that only required a sacrifice of name. This is the only freeware game by developer pheonix online. Its faithfull to its original material and it could easily pass as a payware game.

-The white chamber: Though I grew to dislike the metaphisical horror theme I played quite a bit of this anime styled, classic point and click adventure game. Its short, but quite atmospheric with multiple endings and splendid voice acting.

-Broken sword 2.5: A fan made game based on broken sword 2, fully voice acted and all. Install the patch thats mentioned in this page after getting the game.


Enemies come from every direction. Can you survive and score as many points as you can in these games?

-cybersolip: A robotron style shooter with trippy graphics and fairly good music

-Generic arena shmup: Uuummmm, yeah, what the title says. I kinda like its visuals. Also its quite hard.

-Grid defender 2 & Grid assault: These two are almost full clones of Geometry wars. There was a third one called grid wars, but in addition of been unable to find a link for it, it was one geometry wars clone too many.

-Typogun: An arena shooter unlike the others. You need to type words in order to shoot the enemies much like in typing of the dead.

-Virtual space: It has a plot and anime characters. Quite good, though a bit unpolished.

-Teletrooper: A shooter with excellent pixel graphics in which you can progress through levels. But be warned, the controls are intricate as your ship does not stop moving and you cant strafe.

-Dr. blob's organism: A formelly commercial game that went free quite a while ago. Its fairly original. You try to shoot a micro-organism before it reaches the edges of the circle. Seems easy at first, but in later levels things can get out of hand, quite fast.

-Ray-hound: An unusual shooter. You don't have any weapons to shoot your enemies with. What you got instead is a shield which when activated deflects your enemy's shots back at them.


A genre with not many representatives. Mugen doesn't count.

-Abobo's big adventure: In this game you take control of Abobo from double dragon. His son gets kidnapped and so he goes on a rampage punching and kicking his way to his son. A tribute to NES gaming and pretty funny.

-Final fantasy 7 reimagined: NOTE: If the site is slow for you be patient: This fan made beat'em up based on FF7 is just one step away from being confused as an official square enix game. Luckily it didn't got desisted(like chrono trigger resurection). At least not yet. So get it while its out.


Shoot, shoot, shoot, and avoid, avoid, avoid. Thousands of bullets fly around and the powerups give and take. Prepare to have your nerves tested.

-Zillion beatz: A shmup with rythm based enemy spawn and bullets. Its quite hard even on the lowest difficulty

-Urban uprising & warmachine: Made by a dev known as dark hell company that bacame Astro port. Pretty standart shmup afair.

-Hyper blitz: A neat little shooter with excelent pixel art, with procedurally generated, endless waves of enemies that escalate in difficulty.

-Cho ren sha 68k: A shmup from 1995 ported to modern systems as a free game. Download button is at the bottom of the embeded youtube video

-demolition gunner, Tank domination & Sonic ironstorm: These are from astro port, however you wont be able to find them in their main site. Either its on an option thats in japanese, hiding in plain sight or they are not available for some reason.

-Elders of madness: A shmup with its theme borrowed from lovecraftian horror. Fight a bunch of monstrocities in this epic shmup.

-Famikumo: Play an endless mode with randomised obstacles alone or with a friend in the same screen. You can also go against said friend in a deathmatch mode.

-Genetos: A tribute to the evolution of shmups. Fight your way through the early days of shooters to their modern successors. Short, but worth your time.

-Gwange dash: The ultimate shmup crossover. Has ships and enemies from many games. The visuals are fairly good too. Its quality is on par with many popular arcade shmups.

-Rubble'n'strafe: An unconventional shooter in which you only control the pitch of your aircraft. It shoots automatically when you line up with a target and you can only drop bombs manually. Hard, but fun.

-Self destruct: You need to survive 250 waves of enemies. But you wont. ;)

-Tumiki fighters: in this blocky shmup you control a fighter that can stick fallen enemies on it and use them as extra weapons and protection

-Torus trooper: Fly though a tube and shoot down enemies. Fast paced with vector like graphics

-Proto thunder alpha: Though its fairly straightforward and without much depth, it has little details here and there that make it enjoyable


Go fast and beat the clock or the competition.

Re-Volt: An all time classic racing game thats remembered fondly by many. Race in RC cars in real life sized stages. The game also offers fairly realistic RC car physics, making it pretty hard. But fear not as it has options to make the driving difficulty easier while it also has kart racing elements with its powerups. Will run on just about anything. It also has tons of mods that add cars and tracks.

-Grand prix legends demo+GPL links: You are propably wondering why theres a demo here. Well the answer is the GPL links. Theres so much community work going on with so much content for the demo, that its all you need.

-Generally: A minimalistic top down racing game for 1 or multiple players.

-No man's run: A procedurally generated endless runner in which you control a ship of sorts that gets progressivelly tougher

-Permutation racer: Another procedurally generated endless runner in which you must race to the checkpoints before time runs out. It feels a lot like race the sun. By Big robot, the developers of "sir, you are being hunted".

-Red hot overdrive: A retro style racing game.

-Swarm racer: Fly around with your swarm of bees to collect stuff and reach the end

-Tasty static: Based on an old game called skyroads. You must traverse a really tough obstacle course with your spaceship thingy and reach the end.

-Wroom: A 2D time attack game where you control a car that looks like it jumped out of a kid's drawing.

-Torcs: Fairly good, Touring car based, racing game.

-Stunt playground: Create your own stunts or go at a set of premade ones with one of many vehicles available.

Nitronic rush: An insanely cool and addicting racing game. Beat the clock and navigate the insane tracks with the incredible stunt capabilities of your car. The controls might be a bit steep but its so rewarding once you get it.


If you like to tease your brain and solve puzzles and problems, the following games are for you.

-Long long: This is a puzzle game based on the mechanics and gameplay principle of snake. Very cool with nice pixel art. Icing on the cake is the funny story the satirizes some nintendo tropes.

-Mubbly tower: A kinda wierd tower defense game. Build a tower above the limit with your cute blocks and make sure it doesn't drop bellow that by the equally cute agressors.

-Poton: Site is in Japanese, as is the download button. You control a rodent like creature, creating holes in which your adversaries fall in. then you must bury them.

-Crab blaster: A single screen puzzle platformer where you use special types of ammo on corresponding blocks to make a way to the end of the level.

-Wind and water puzzle battles: A superb, commercial-gone-freeware match 3 puzzle game, only here you try to match 4 colours by spinning them around instead of moving them left, right, up or down. It has multiplayer on the same screen and even has a single player carreer mode with story and characters.

-Zaz: A simple but fun Zuma clone. No more, no less.


Are you a strategist? Do you enjoy conquest, waging war and possibly some trading and diplomacy in between? Well, what you are looking for is a strategy game.

Starcraft+Broodwar expansion: Oh crap! After EA has released some of the early C&C games, blizzard saw fit to do the same, since starcraft and its expansion are now free. But I think that blizzard does it a wee bit better as the game will support online multiplayer, not only with the free version but also with the remaster version. Of course you are hopeless.

-Widelands: A fan game based on the settlers games. Its mechanically sound while its visually closer to the original settlers.

-C&C Tiberian dawn, C&C Red alert, C&C tiberian sun: One would find it surprising that EA released some of the most historical games they have under their possesion as freeware. Someone might argue that its before they went apeshit. The games themselves are RTS genesis. The undisputed rulers of RTS games for most of the 90s. They are visually and mechanically obsolete, BUT they are still fun as hell, especially with the cutscenes and all. You millenials must atleast try them. NOTE1: Tiberian dawn requires seperate instalation of the movies thats available on the download section of the link. Make sure to install them on the same folder of the main game. NOTE2: If you get weird cutscene issues for any of the games you should tweak the relative options from the configuration utility. NOTE3:, the host for red alert might actually have capped downloads for guests, so the download might actually take a while. It has the only version with cutscenes I could find.

-I of the enemy Ril'cerat: If you think the name is wierd, wait until you play it. Its wierd in the way its written, acted, played and how it looks, but in a delightful way. Its an RTS that involves some persistency by alowing you to bring units from the previous missions. You gotta play this.

-Battle for wesnoth: Quite a known project. Its a TBS grand strategy sort of affair. It has a main campaign with a story, but it also comes with multiple other campaigns and scenarios for the hungry tactical gamer.

-S.W.I.N.E: A cool commercial-gone-freeware tactical RTS from 2001. There is a twist though. The factions are not humans. Theres fascist pigs and freedom loving rabbits fighting it off

-0 AD: An open source RTS in the same vein as age of empires. Its still in alpha but it works for the most part. THANKS TO: @Black_Knight_00for reminding me that this existed.

-Breed humans Then kill them all: Weird title, yes. What you basically do in this game is build a settlement where people are multiplaying, and then when it strikes your fancy you squash them with the cursor

-Fortify: A real time strategy tower defense where you try to defend your castle by building denfenses while you also control soldiers. Fortify special edition is a vastly improved version of the game that has been greenlit for steam. Its also available on Desura, but I wouldn't trust that site with my money.

-Jeluvian project: A squad based action/strategy game where you control some sort of cyborg vehicles. It has a campaign mode with a fairly good story attached to it.

-Open Imperium galactica: This game was a fully commercial release back in the 90s. Now is open source and free. Its a 4x strategy game which is played in real time. It has quite the learning curve, but its worth it.

-Pillagers A fun little game where you go around islands with a ship and an army and you pillage and fight.

-Hedgewars: Have you ever played worms? Well its that, but with hedgehogs.

-Star commander: Its a simple yet solid 4x strategy game in the vein of masters of orion

-Warzone 2100: This late 90s gem was formerly a commercial game, but its now free and open source. Help humanity rise again and exit the postapocalyptic period and fight an advanced enemy that existed since the calamity that has befallen earth.


Explore the world, fight and advance your characters in these RPGs

-Pokemon uranium: An incradible creation 9 years in the making that can rival official pokemon games. It introduces a large number of original pokemon, a new region and some new interesting ideas. NOTE: The developers of this game have removed any downloads from their site and any mirrors. Much like AM2R you need to look yourself for a copy.

-Siege of avalon: A Classic RPG that likes to brand itself as an episodic novel. The first chapter was released for free quite some time ago. The rest of the game is now on the grey area called abandonware. NOTE: In order for the game to work, you must extract its main folder in drive C: Also it possible to face slowdown when you're playing. THANKS TO: @Black_Knight_00 for bringing this game to my attention.

-Pioneers: A turn based survival/RPG where you go explore and keep your pioneers alive. This is a great game with an authentic retro visual style. Its still in development, but its quite fun non the less.

-Shattered world: beneath a stone sky: A turn based tactics RPG like FF tactics and tactics ogre.

-The spirit engine 1 and 2: A series of fairly original RPGs that are played from a side scrolling perspective. They were formerly commercial releases, but unfortunately they didn't do very well. So they went freeware.

-Daggerfall: The infamous RPG that put bethesda on the map. Regarded as having the largest world in all RPGs. This download includes an installation thats compatible with modern OSs


Fight in exciting dogfights, trade and explore your way through the cosmos

-3030 Deathwar: A space sim in top down perpective(common among freewares). You can do all the standard things, fight, trade, explore etc. What you can also do is go on station and converse with NPCs. That fact it has a nice plot is a nice bonus. There is a redux version on steam with some additions going for 10 euros.

-Endless sky: Another Top town space sim, only here in late game you get to control fleets of ships either freighters or warships. The link is for the steam store page, but dont worry, its still free.

-Destination sol: Unfortunately the dev announced that hes not developing this game further and if anyone who wished was free to do so. Its clearly unfinished, but its still worth it just so you see some of the interesting ideas it implements.

-Epoch Star: A top down space sim thats rough around the edges and not particularly pretty, but its still good enough to sink some time into.

-Transcendence: A fairly good and challenging plot driven top down space sim with randomly generated star systems. The base game has plenty to go around but it is not complete. On steam you will find expansions for purchase. Whatever you choose, I still think its worth it.

-Wazzal: More top down goodness. The game takes place solely inside our solar system, but fear not as there is plenty of room to explore, fight and trade. The plot is the icing on the cake.

-No gravity: And going from top town to full 6 DoF. This is a fairly old and obscure space combat sim. Its worth a try.

-Starshatter the gathering storm: And leaving arcady space sims behind for something thats kinda hardcore. This formelly commercial space sim has it all: Pilotable ships from fighters to capital ships, dynamic campaings and geopolitical intrique. Follow the instructions in the forum thread in the link to install it.

-Ad astra: A game that follows the path of frontier elite 2. A vast open universe, many ships to fly, explorable platens etc. In my honest opinion it could use more polish, especially in the user interface. Its still worth a look.

-Mysterious unnamed space game: Not trully a space sim like the rest of the games in the category, its still pretty fun and quite humorous. In this rather simple game you land on planets, interact with creatures and aliens and fight in space in a turn based style battle system.

-Babylon 5 ive found her: A fan made game that came out in 2003. Still looks good and comes fully voice acted. Becarefull though. Its utilises full neutonian physics. BTW if you manage to get past hyperspace let me know how its done.

-Diaspora broken armistice: A stand alone mod made in the miraculous freespace 2 engine based on the battlestar galactica series of 2003 with full campaign, voicework and music in the style of the series. Took 4 to cook this one. DL on the bottom of the thread in the link

-Wing commander saga the darkest dawn: Yet another stand alone mod made in freespace's engine. It took a staggering 10 years to complete. It has a fully voice acted campaign. My only gripe is that you cant choose your ship or weapons for missions, but whatever, its free. Make sure to download and install the patch provided in the site.


One of the biggest dreams of hunanity, flight, and also blowing stuff up. you Get to do both.

-F-22 Total air war: A fantastic project set on keeping the excelent total air war combat sim from the 90s alive. It includes everything you need in order to learn the ropes, albeit requiring some reading on your part, but it also has options to tweek realism and difficulty to your liking. It looks dated despite the work that has gone into it, but its very playable and it has tons of missions and campaigns to play.

-Flight gear: A long running open source flight sim. There are hundreds of aircraft to choose from with varying quality, but for the price of free this is one of the best ways to get yourself into civil flight sims.

-DCS world: much like flight gear is the best entry point for civil flight sims, DCS is the best for military. In case you already know(if you dont you'll soon discover) you are propably thinking that this is not free due to all the DLC. Well. I say it is. One full aircraft with armaments, campaign and all, along a flyable fully realised P-51 mustang with tons of editors, multiplayer, and user missions. Its free.

-YS flight simulator: While not a fully realistic flight sim, YS can still cut it. It offers both military and civil aviation, along a serious amount of addons that not only offer far greater variety but also better visuals than the base game's rather primitive looks.


Games with odd gameplay that are hard to categorize and sometimes explain.

-Shapeshifter biker: A little game made in under 72 hours for ludum dare. You control a biker that gathers pick ups that allow him to transform into an animal for 10 seconds. Each animal grants him a unique ability, and theres 19 to collect in total.

-Crown and council: I was not sure if I should categorize this as a puzzle or a strategy game so I put it here. Basically you must win territories from your enemies. If you dont mind the RNG, its a good time waster. Available on steam.

-The ancients' tome: I was going to include this to puzzles, but I wasn't quite sure. You basically got a machine that shows you different items you need to combine, with each item bind to certain keys on your keyboard in order to do stuff, like staying aloft and defend yourself. The game's description might do a better job at explaining it.

-ASCII Sector: Putting this into space sims didn't felt quite right, mainly because the ascii graphics made it feel wierd. Its a top down space sim of sorts based on Origin's privateer.

-Computer, open that door: Game in which you are a ships computer thats gone sentient. You need to kill all the crew before it arrives to its destination. Short but cool. Makes you wish for a more fleshed out version.

-Datajack: What if deus ex was an isometric 2D game. Well, play this to find out

-Donkey me: The old classic and unaltered gameplay of the original donkey kong, but with themes from a variety of different movies. Cool.

-Doppler: In this game the clouds have become solid and fall down to earth crushing everyhting. Avoid them and gather as many droplets of water as you can. It got a short, but cool story mode along a normal endless mode.

-Firepoint: A fun and funny game where you need to rescue people and animals from a burning building. Its not a puzzle game exactly but neither its a clear action game (like Mr. rescue).

-Under the garden: A sort of sidescrolling survival game with nice aesthetics.

-Hot diggity: You got a drill and must escape from a planet eating monster by drilling down. You gather ore to upgrade your drill and be more effective in digging. Fairly cool concept and quite fun.

-Loss of fluid: Your aircraft's hydrualics are gone and you're loosing fuel. Control the aircraft only by its engines and try to find the airport to land safely.

-Mango blue: This is a game made in game jam which is fairly impressive. You are an orangutan traversing this platform/isometric adventure game.

-open transport tycoon deluxe: Build roads, train tracks and shipping lanes in this bussiness sim. Its complex and kinda unintuitive, but its highly satisfying and rewarding when you get the hang of it.

-Not everything is flammable: Here we have a game where you must control a series of items that are on fire. Hit the next item to burn it then you take control of the newly lit item and must go to the next before the fire is extinquished. In case I made no sense, well, play the game.

-Pequod: You control a sperm whale that destroys ships and submarines that try to kill it. You get to upgrade your whale and the sort. Its also procedurally generated which means the order you encounder enemies is not the same. Download at the bottom of the page.

-The powder toy: A sandbox game where you play with a variety of elements to control, play and create reactions with.

-Ragmeg alleycat: Ride your bike avoid cars and the police and gather packages. As the dev puts it, its reverse paperboy.

-My first skydiving academy: Dive to the bottom in the least amount of time and try not to break too many bones on the obstacles. Oh did I mention you control a baby? Yeah, quite morbid.

-Space gardener: You plant and take care of your garden on a space rock. There is nothing more to it. Its a zen sort of thing.

-Sub commander: Its some sort of a roque like submarine sim. Its quite complex so following some guides is a given.

-The captains log: You command a ship after the first ftl jump goes wrong and the ship ends up 80k light years away from earth. You must go from planet to planet gathering resources and keep as many crew men alive. Simple yet very compeling. Only problem is that there is quite some RNG.

-Rippa's islalnd survival tycoon: A survival game that I think its made in RPG maker. Fairly good. Worth a try

-Typogun: Type the words of the enemies to shoot them. Simple, but addicting. It also helps you develop typing skills.

-Wormhol: A local multiplayer snake game for up to 4 player. Levels are chosen at random when you start the game.

-Dogfight: battle in the skies: A local MP game for 2 players that can be played with bots too. There is an insane variety of aircraft to choose from(WW1 to modern and even star wars ships). The menus are in german but there is english available, though you have to navigate the german menus to turn it into english.

-Igneous: A game where you control a head sculpture thing rolling through levels and avoid obstacles and rivers of lava.

-Pacapong: This game is crazy. Combine pong and pacman and you get this insanely fun and addicting local MP game.

-Bear survin megawave: You control a surfing bear trying to surf past all the sharks, mines and all sorts of obstacles. Crazy and quite loud game.

-Totally tiny arcade: A game in which you play smaller games as a guy in an arcade trying to chase and defeat a virus. you should give it a try.

-Wibble wobble: In this game you play as a stick trying to navigate a sidecrolling world which wobbles.

-A nation of wind: A little bit of shooter, a little bit of city building and a little bit of strategy. Great pixel art and a hell of a soundtrack.


Many thanks to these people and their contributions to this thread.

-@d_parker Brings us freeware is alive which is a small forum full of freeware games and other freeware software. Some of the games in there can be found here aswell, but there are plenty more that are not. Check it out.

-@Black_Knight_00 Has brought to my attention a mltitude of games that oftentimes requires to go away from the beaten path to find.

-@pook99 discovered the excelent free game Khimera: destroy all monster girls. Thanks for letting us know.

-@kruton9000gamer for the two FPS games he suggested.

-GameboyTroy His link led me to find Cry of fear on steam.


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#2 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

So, its done. I have finally posted all the worthwhile freeware games I found all across the internet. Concidering it wasn't the only thing I did, it took me a good 5 months to complete. When I find something new I will post it.

Now if I could get the mods to pin this... ;)

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#3 Edited by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -

Good list, but these are not "all" the worthwhile ones. You're missing a bunch of them like Within a Deep Forest, Ocular Ink, Ikachan, Alien Arena, Eternal Daughter, Medicalat and the Chzo series by Yahtzee Croshaw, just to name a few.

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#4 Edited by vespuche (1074 posts) -

I am going to need a top 5. That is to many games!

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#5 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@Black_Knight_00: Eternal daughter's developer is included. Theres a bunch more I am planning to include as well myself(ocular ink being one of them). I just didn't have them downloaded. Yours added in the planning. I just have to play them to know what to write.

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#6 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@vespuche: In no particular order and also not considering your tastes. Note that its kinda hard to draw just 5. If you want anything in particular let me know.

1-Nitronic rush-in racing

2-Eternal daughter-you'll find this on the developers section in Derek Yu

3-Treasure adventure game-In developers under robit games

4-Hydorah-developers again in locomalito

5-Wind and water puzzle battles-under puzzles

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#7 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

Pixel's works added to developers. Since its the dev of cave story, cave story itself has been removed from the ACTION/PLATFORM section

Fully ramblomatic added to DEVELOPERS

Hyper blitz added to SHOOT'EM UP

Ocular ink added to MISCELLANEOUS

Broken sword2.5, the white chamber and the silver lining added and so does the ADVENTURE section

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#8 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

300 views!? Aw yeah. Go, my little ones, go play freely!

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#9 Posted by pook99 (880 posts) -

Awesome post, I love indie games and will definitely check some of those out. If you want a cool action platformer to add to the list check out Khimera: destroy all monster girls, its free on steam and its awesome.

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#10 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@pook99: Kinda worried it would be an anime game with lollies. Glad I was wrong

Khimera: destroy all monster girls and super crate box were added to ACTION/PLATFORM

Crown and council added to MISCELLANEOUS.

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#11 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

Niffla's games added to DEVELOPERS

Alien arena added to ACTION/PLATFORM

Shapeshifter biker added to MISCELLANEOUS

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#13 Edited by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -

I installed Broken Sword 2.5, I'll be trying it later. Somehow i didn't know this project existed.

You also may want to add 0 A.D., It's a prety good Age of Empires clone, completely free.

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#14 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@Black_Knight_00: Man that one. Its been sooooo long I last checked with 0 a.d Im surprised its still in alpha.

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#15 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -


@Black_Knight_00: Man that one. Its been sooooo long I last checked with 0 a.d Im surprised its still in alpha.

Yeah, it's ben in development for about 16 years, mostly because they scrapped the 2D engine and went 3D a few years ago. The game is playable though: you can do skirmish and i think there's multiplayer too.

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#16 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

Im baaaaaack! We moved. So no computer or internet

0 AD was added in STRATEGY

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#17 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

S.W.I.N.E and Battele for wesnoth were added to STRATEGY

The knobbly crook and King's quest added to ADVENTURE GAMES

Flight gear, DCS world and YS flight simulator were added and with them the FLIGHT SIMULATOR genre was created

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#18 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -

For strategy, I of the Enemy Ril'cerat is a pretty good RTS with a singleplayer campaign.

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#19 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@Black_Knight_00: Im kinda confused about this. Is Ril cerat some sort of chapter in a series of strategy games, or is all there is to it? Their site has a buy tab. Do they have a payware version?

In anycase, I of the enemy ril'cerat added to STRATEGY

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#20 Edited by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -


@Black_Knight_00: Im kinda confused about this. Is Ril cerat some sort of chapter in a series of strategy games, or is all there is to it? Their site has a buy tab. Do they have a payware version?

In anycase, I of the enemy ril'cerat added to STRATEGY

As I understand it, I of the Enemy is a retail game from 2004, while I of the Enemy: Ril'Cerat is a free version that came out the following year, but as i recall it, it's too short to be the same game.

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#21 Edited by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -

Another game that might fit the bill: Siege of Avalon: Chapter 1. Not a full game, but it's a great RPG and the first episode was released for free back in 2000.

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#22 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@Black_Knight_00: It'd be nice If I could get it to run though. :/

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#23 Edited by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -


@Black_Knight_00: It'd be nice If I could get it to run though. :/

Are you getting the pink corruped graphics glitch? or is it not running at all, even in XP compatibility mode?

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#24 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@Black_Knight_00: Its not running at all. The file I downloaded(from abandonia, the only reliable download I could find) contains two executables. DTLoader and DTMain1. DTLoader seems to be an autorun of sorts that gives me 3 options, "home page"(which is dead), "update" which basically does nothing, and "play siege" which throws a messege at me saying "siege of avalon is not yet available on this system. check your installation". There is no option to install anything. DTMain1 seems to be the main executable for starting the game, but when I double click it, the screen goes dark as if the game is starting and then drops me back to the desktop. compatibility mode did nothing. Maybe the download is faulty. got any other link?

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#25 Posted by d_parker (2128 posts) -

Nice. In response to your generosity, here's a link to a collection of around 150 of free PC games that I assembled when I too was an explorer of the free and wonderful...

Sadly screenshot links bit the dust but d/l links should still be active.

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#26 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -


@Black_Knight_00: Its not running at all. The file I downloaded(from abandonia, the only reliable download I could find) contains two executables. DTLoader and DTMain1. DTLoader seems to be an autorun of sorts that gives me 3 options, "home page"(which is dead), "update" which basically does nothing, and "play siege" which throws a messege at me saying "siege of avalon is not yet available on this system. check your installation". There is no option to install anything. DTMain1 seems to be the main executable for starting the game, but when I double click it, the screen goes dark as if the game is starting and then drops me back to the desktop. compatibility mode did nothing. Maybe the download is faulty. got any other link?

Did you extract to the C:\SIEGE OF AVALON\ folder? Apparently that's important.

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#27 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -

Also, another game to add: Serena, a short but really good point and click adventure game on steam.

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#28 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@Black_Knight_00: You were right. It needed to be in C: to work. Still, it suffers from slowdowns and Im not sure why. Checked the config executable and there is nothing there to help. Oh well, its a fairly old game, what can you do.

@d_parker: Holy smokes! Thats great! Since the games are a bit much for me to start checking them out one by one, I have created a contributors category where I have a link to your site.

In anycase

Siege of avalone chapter 1 added to RPG

Night of the cephalopods added to ACTION/PLATFORM

Pistachio productions, developers of Ocular ink added to developers. The game Ocular ink is removed.

The CONTRIBUTORS category is created

@Black_Knight_00, @d_parker and @pook99 added to CONTRIBUTORS.

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#29 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -


@Black_Knight_00: You were right. It needed to be in C: to work. Still, it suffers from slowdowns and Im not sure why. Checked the config executable and there is nothing there to help. Oh well, its a fairly old game, what can you do.

It's because of Direct Draw. Windows 7 and onwards no longer support it, but there are workarounds if you want to look for them. I think it's worth it: it's a really great RPG.

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#30 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

Im back

Serena was added to ADVENTURE

Urban uprising and Warmachine overload were added together in SHOOT EM UPS

Super mario forever, super mario war, metroid comfrontation and captain claw were added in ACTION PLATFORM

Also, great news! A fan project that spawned after metroid confrontation known as project AM2R is nearing its completion. Its a fully realised sidescrolling metroid game and it has been in development for quite some time. Im looking forward on adding it here once its completed.

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#31 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -

Fullyramblomatic has a lot more free games on offer, aside from the Czho mythos, some of which are really good. Trilby: The Art of Theft is a quality stealth platformer, and 1213 is a nice horror game inspired by the old Flashback. Poacher is a metroidvania with lots of gore and humor.

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#32 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@Black_Knight_00: Gotcha. I altered the description to reflect that.

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#34 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

back with you with lots of fan games based off of valve's franchises

counter strike 2D, half life 2D, Team fortress arcade and gang garrison 2 added to ACTION/PLATFORM

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#35 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

So a while back I added a game on the misc category called The captains log. In that game humanity's first ftl ship misjumps and finds itself with all hands aboard on the other side of the galaxy. You need to jump from planet to planet trying to gather resources in order to survive until you reached earth. It is fairly simple and challenging, though thats mainly due to RNG. Playing it I thought that it worked as a game and that the concept was very cool, but I wished that it would be explored further with deeper gameplay. My wish is granded it would seem.

The long journey home seems to be what I wished captains log to be. Couple of points I have gripes with is that Is set only on a 2D plane and that features alien races which kind of kills the atmosphere of isolation that the capatain's log gives. In anycase Im looking forward to it.

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#36 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

How could I forget about these?! As a space sim fan, Im ashamed!

Diaspora, wing commander saga, and babylon 5 ive found her added in SPACE SIMULATORS.

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#37 Edited by BranKetra (51726 posts) -

@PETERAKO: I appreciate your service for this community in doing this. Your thread has been stickied to Games Discussion.

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#38 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -

Look what you've done, now the thread is all sticky :P

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#39 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@BranKetra: Ow yiss! thanks a bunch!

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#40 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

S64 games added to DEVELOPERS

Zillion beatz added to SHOOT EM UPS

Megaman 2.5D added to ACTION/PLATFORM

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#41 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -

24 hours left until the Metroid 2 remake hits.

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#42 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

@Black_Knight_00: I cant really believe how long has it been since I last discovered this. almost 5 hours left.

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#43 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -


@Black_Knight_00: I cant really believe how long has it been since I last discovered this. almost 5 hours left.

I've been playing the first few rooms, and it's absolutely great.

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#44 Edited by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

After quite some time in the oven A metroid fan game based on Metroid 2 is finaly out. Grab it before nintento gets frisky about it.

Another metroid 2 added to ACTION/PLATFORM

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#46 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

I come bearing sad news. The newly released metroid 2 fan remake "another metroid 2 remake" got hit by a DMCA claim from nintendo. Its future is currently unclear. The game's blogspot and forums are still up, but downloads are currently unavailable.

I cannot express how angry I am over this unfair takedown even though I managed to download the game.

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#47 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

Hi all. In light of the release and removal of two high profile fan games based on nintendo franchises I decided not to remove AM2R and add Pokemon uranium in RPG, but witout links and with a modified description that explains the situation.

More than that though

Magical sound car, Destructanks, try harder, and mangoman added to ACTION/PLATFORM.

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#48 Posted by Black_Knight_00 (21576 posts) -

Another few games that are missing:

Powerslave EX (PC remake of the PS1 version of Powerslave/Exhumed)

Doom 64 EX (PC port of Doom 64)

Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok (spiritual sequel to the Quest for Glory series)

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#49 Posted by PETERAKO (2161 posts) -

Hell yesh! Im baaaaack! And with a motherload!

C&C Tiberian dawn, C&C Red alert, C&C tiberian sun were added to STRATEGY

@Black_Knight_00 off to check them out

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#50 Posted by mrbojangles25 (44090 posts) -

@PETERAKO: wow this is amazing, thank you so much.

There is talent, or at least fun, every where!