The "Ultimate...Best of ALL Time" Fighting Game! (Idea)

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

By the grace of skilled programmers, the addition of Bruce Lee to the new UFC game has shown us that even when a fighter is no longer with us, his legend will live on in the world of gaming. With that said, I am going to openly solicit programmers to begin designing the "Ultimate Fighting game experience"! Whether or not EA Sports reads this and starts working on DLC, but nonetheless this idea is epic!

We all grew up watching Kung-Fu theatre and Action Movies alike. But, why do we not have a video game experience that creates an experience with an aggregate of all of the fighters that we enjoy watching?

Consider the concept of playing with your favorite action stars! Why not?

Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to pit the best Movie Fighters against each other in an Octagon?

- I use the UFC format only because it's the leader in both the graphics and the depiction of the various fighting techniques.

My idea for the fighting game must include the following fighters...

1. Chuck Norris (from Early AKA Fighting Competitions) - WTR added as a DLC!

2. Bruce Lee

3. Steven Seagal

4. Jean Claude Van Damme

5. Jeff Speakman

6. Jason Statham

7. Jackie Chan

8. Chow Yun Fat

9. Bolo Yeung

10. Frank Dux (for those who know)

11. Donald Gibb (for shiggles)

12. Jim Kelly

13. Jet li

14. Tatchakom Yeerum

15. Brandon Lee

16. Cynthia Rothrock

17. Jason Scott Lee

18. Sonny Chiba

19. Sho Kosugi (Enter the Ninja)

20. Michael Jai White

21. Wesley Snipes

I am posting this to get someone who has the means and the know-how to bring this idea into reality...

I am challenging the industry and the yet-to-be discovered Game designer talent to get started!

Tell me what you all think...

- Eric

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That sounds like a Legal Nightmare !

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Fat Steven Seagal would one-shot everything :D

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I understand that the Royalties will make the Movie Fighters even more wealthy...but think about how much money is actually made to to take a game from concept to console...

at 60 bucks for a game, it would more than compensate the pockets of the movie starts that have moved past their prime.

The consideration for the fans should be paramount. We enjoy their movies, but I would not want to play a Walker Texas Ranger game. Rather, I would love to have Chuck Norris beat the snot out of Steven Seagal!

Money should never be the main LIMFAC when it comes to creating a game that we would enjoy....

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@SovietsUnited: Steven Seagal would be paid in