The Porsche Connection

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This year is seeing the release of some damn impressive racing games, the crew, project cars, forza horizon 2 and drive club are set to turn this year into a petrolheads paradise. There appears to be a racing game for just about everyone on the spectrum of arcade to simulator and even on to mmo. Collectively the games appear to have accrued enough cars to suit the tastes of almost every breed of rev head around...almost. To my point, I am a Porsche man, a worshipper of the howl of a flat 6 and a drivetrain which sits the engine firmly behind the rear axle. I have heard rumors about EA and their supposed all encompassing grip on the Porsche license. Does anyone have any solid information on this situation? Am I doomed to forever play racing games wondering what could be? Or will there be a time when I can once again hit the tarmac in Stuttgart's finest?