The Next Evolution of the SP-FPS Experience

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With the imminent arrival of the new consoles, and them being the last console series bound to a disc for main game content, I'm curious to know what people believe the next step in the single player first person shooter experience will be. Over the past fifteen years, we've gone from Half Life to Farcry. We have tactical shooters, survival horror shooters, open world shooters, but there seems to be a visible technological bottleneck at this point. Basically, the more skilled and tactical the AI is, the narrower the field is in most games. With the next generation of consoles ready to bust through that tech roadblock, I wonder what game companies will do to impress us again.

For me, I think it will be evolving shooters to become not just open world, but open tactical evironment. Where enemy AI don't just run into a building and stand by a window to shoot out of, but use it for cover, take flanking positions at it's edges, and make it a really formidable defensive point. And all of this, of course, would be unscripted, run on the fly during fights.

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Watch the video down my signature if you wanna know my feelings.

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pumped up for another far cry game.

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fair enough, but what are you looking for from the next Farcry?