The New X game Xenogears Remake or Xeno series continuation?

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So the number one game to me is Xenogears. Alot of people complain about it being a mess but that's because they do not have the intellectual capacity to grasp the elements in this game which make no other come even close to comparison. I would love to see a remake of it in modern graphics or perhaps a continuation of the xeno universe, which includes the xenosaga series. Anyone else still clinging onto hope too? lol.

I do hope the upcoming X series is releated to the xenogears/xenosaga universe and not the xenoblade. Ive replayed it 4 times already and xenogears is the only one that has made me cry each time! Anyone has info on the new X game?

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If they do a Xenogears remake, they need to make sure they pace out the second half of the game better. I love that game (it's one of my all-time favorites) but the text scrolls were getting ridiculous in the second disc.

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I've said this before during discussions on xenosaga..... Xenogears was originally intended to be 10 games and the ps1 xenogears was number 6 in the series.

Xenosaga was intended as the prequel and was supposed to be many more games then just the 3 but envitibly failed, Not that some folks didn't find them appealing they just lacked alot of what really made xenogears fun like the battle system which saga 1 had then they did away with... as well they really tryed to make the sagas to deep in my opinion they shouldn't have started so heavy it made things really hard to follow some times. Also if you've played xenogears enough you know that fei and elly are reincarnated multiple times as well the blue haired girl from the intro and later on in the game is none other then kos-mos who is often refereed to as the mother.

Anywho fei and elly being reincarnations they only toyed with a child like fei in saga 1 then you never hear from him again...till i think late in saga 2 or is it 3? the one were tel-os comes into play. but he's some kind of vision, and you never see elly.

saga 2 was just boring as hell to me i really had to force a finish in that one, and 3 im like 40 hours in and still haven't bothered to finish it. i still play xenogears to this day once in a while.

I would love to see a xenogears remake properly done. definatly needs to space out the second disk better it got hard to follow one second your fighting as a huge submarine city thing then your ultimate weltall.... then walls o text....

If they did a remake they really need to do it properly i'd be happy to see them start before or much much earlier during fei's childhood or even better would be to go back as dan? the previous incarnation before graph of fei.

Also i would be perfectly happy with this all in one game and 120+ hours of greatness. not joking.