The most hours (nonstop) you have played a video game?

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#101 Edited by Peasly (328 posts) -

Right now i'd say i play up to 4 hrs on the PS4 5 days a week after working on laptop daily. Weekends the same as i have to share with husband.. ;)

When i was younger my brother and i played on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum when we got home from school at dinner until 11pm at night. Unfortunately he had an epileptic fit because of it. Strange as i'm the one with epilepsy not him..!!!!

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#102 Posted by Steve5XG (178 posts) -

I remember myself playing Rainbow Six with my best friend for like 12 hours, non-stopping! Coop mode with few RTT's is simply great. High recommended, guys!

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#103 Posted by research-i (5 posts) -

8 hours straight on Zelda BOTW

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#104 Posted by Justinps2hero (2281 posts) -

Football Manager game in 94. Smoking weed, snacking, 16 hrs straight. Damn that was addictive.

After a couple hours sleep, load it up again.......

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#105 Posted by waipowrectdeapr (10 posts) -

100 hours game in 2 weeks on counter strike 1.6