The future of the Pinball Arcade

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Hi all,

Just wondered if anyone here knew if any more tables were planned? Due to Farsight losing the Bally and Williams licence.

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From a software aspect all I know is Yoku's Island Express did a great job keeping pinball relevant in today's gaming market. Probably Team 17s most ambitious game since the Worm series, and from what I played is really good. Shame Team 17 is overcharging the game which I believe hinders its chances.

Also have Peach Ball: Senran Kagura which have read was well received. Though that has a regional/ demographical issue especially with many US Gamers shunning anything with fanservice. What with this 'woke' age in full swing that I read about. Forcing transparent ideals onto the world. .

Pardon for trailing off, so lastly believe developer System3 also heavily dedicate to the pinball genre. Stern Pinball Arcade being one such title.

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Those are some pretty big licenses to lose. What do they have left, Gottleib? Stern? Stern might be enough for more tables, right?