The Elder Scrolls Vs. Final Fantasy, which is the better Rpg franchise?(RPGDF)

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The Highest selling Wrpg and Jrpg franchise you can play in your LIVING ROOM is The Elder Scrolls series and the Final Fantasy series. Which series do you prefer and why? These are the most liked Rpg franchises in the Industry. My Choice is below, Final Fantasy is what got many people into Jrpgs, and while that only opened it up mostly for Square in the west, it created Millions of Fans, and remakes of old games have been put out to these fans, and the series still sells very well to this day. The Elder Scrolls may not have been the most impactual game when the first in the series released, In fact, it was Oblivion and Morrowind that got people to jump on, and introduced Wrpgs to the console market. Elder Scrolls was a profitable series on the PC, which Wrpgs until the Xbox had a larger focus on with some exceptions as the hardware was more stronger, and could let the designers do more and unique things. It is the best selling Wrpg fro the living room as of this writing. (Part 2) Final Fantasy is a series filled with content, and at times, not, but it always tries to have an extensive story. While exploration is not really a factor in most of the series as the game sets you on a more linear route, the towns with NPC's, and random people in the world or even objects give you chances to do side quests, do mini games like card battling or sphere breaking, and have tons of unlockables. Including as of recently, buying certain weapons and clothes for character through DLC. The Elder Scrolls is a series that focuses on putting the player in the position of the protagonist into a world that is immersible and draws you in. What you do and how you do it affects the game, and the games allows you for most of the time to do whatever you want in ways you want it. At times, places seem more populated, and the story is unlike a book. This gives a bit more complication instead of handholding on certain situations. The games are usually very long and have tons of content to make them even longer. Not focusing on backtracking as a method of extending time. (Part 3) Final Fantasy series, have characters with personalities, although usually generic, with colorful worlds to roam in. Final Fantasy games usually use similar battle systems, usually adding a few things that changes the way you use it. Even now people don't realize the series is still the turn-based Jrpg that people played back in the day. Final Fantasy focuses much more on story. While often a little mislead and at times nonsensical with the writing, the story is the experience. The Elder Scrolls allow the player to control the story, and tries to be a bit more realistic but still fantasy. using unique ways to combat and level up each game. The gameplay is more of the focus than the story, but the story is pretty good regardless. The fact you control what happens plays apart in the story not being the main focus as the games allows you to change things without messing up the main plot points. (Part 4) Final Fantasy is a series that does things more automatic than real time. It uses more menu features than actual direct input from the player. You can be strategic and customize battles, characters, and skills however. With the story being the main focus and you are just progressing it, the games focus more on the character showing off cinematics than more direct exploration or direct input from the player. The Elder Scrolls series is less automatic, giving you much more control of the character(s) in the games. Having more real-time gameplay elements. You can be strategic as well, but it will have to be while on the move most of the time with some exceptions. The game focused on letting you get into the world your own way doing things that you want with the way you choose. (Conclusion) Having played a significant amount of both series, I can say that both are very very good, however, The Elder Scrolls has a very bright future, and feels more like a game and let's you have more control. While Final Fantasy and its games are more forcing the player to go along with a sort of script that prevents even a decent amount of control or freedom to be possible. you can have both as other game franchises have proven, but both bend more to one side than another. I personally would Choose the Elder Scrolls. What about you? Which do you choose?
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I think The Elder Scrolls series is better because of the play style. It is first or third person, and you engage in combat, it's in real time instead of "attack-potion(1)-fireball-heal". And to me, the story is more interesting in morrowind and oblivion (in my opinion, skyrim sucked).
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Elder far. Final Fantasy can suck my (Insert naughty word here). 


I hate the standard style of FF, it's just so bland to me.


Elder scrolls offers a ton in the way of character building, story, adventure, loot, mechanics. You can't even compare the 2 franchises really because theyre not the same genre of RPG. 


Especially Morrowind. Morrowind trumps everything. 

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I got started on Final Fantasy games years ago and still have several of them.

while I did play Daggerfall and Morrowind and I have Skyrim which I haven't bothered to complete,

I am replaying Oblivion with mods that have turned it into an entirely new experience.

Final Fantasy has made a lot of games but peaked at XII and I haven't enjoyed the PS3 games as much as the earlier incarnations.

Square Enix didn't stay true to the formula that made them a success and this is why many people are moving on.

there are other RPGs both Japanese and Western to choose from so when there is a slip in quality for two consecutive games......

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Depends ES is open sandbox rpg and ff is a jrpg i cant really say whats better because they are 2 seperate genre's made for diffrent tastes.

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Depends ES is open sandbox rpg and ff is a jrpg i cant really say whats better because they are 2 seperate genre's made for diffrent tastes.


This is probably a topic to identify which tastes better for you...also Dark Souls is a its not equal to "turn based"..

Also I prefer Elder Scrolls...

I enjoyed the first Final Fantasy at some point, because you start off with four "Warriors of Light"; Sure its still straightforward (Kill the real bad guy lingo), but the real meat goes to the concept of freedom. The Freedom to have your OWN adventure, the freedom of having your own initiative and perspective in the journey and path you walk.

The Elder Scrolls has freedom as the very pedigree of start off as an unnamed dude in a prison while the other dudes tell you to go to an immigration office of sorts to do Signing your name, managing your race, your skills, and even your very own birthsign...the factor goes to what YOU choose to be. Even Skyrim (which many people dismiss as bad) still has that essence of freedom (other than being the "DRAGONBORN" and all).

If there's one thing that might be able to hold against the Elder Scrolls...its Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior)..

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They're not even on the same page, the stories, characters, soundtrack from ff IV-X are among the best gaming has to offer.

TES Oblivions was great, didn't rly care for Skyrim. FF is definitely better imo, they're stories I often think about and I even played them recently on my ps3 because modern games are pretty bad in comparison to them. They're timeless.

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I personally think that both the games are phenomenal; and offer different types of experiences - sort of putting them on different levels. In my opinion, I preferred the story of Final Fantasy X above all other games that I've played through to date. However, the open-world of the elder scrolls have allowed me to rack up significantly more game time than Final Fantasy X. Even in the more open world of Final Fantasy XII (which I certainly enjoyed) it could not compare to the vast expanse offered in Oblivion or Skyrim, and the countless explorations available within. Both brands offer great visuals, wonderfully epic stories, and the perfect twists and turns that make them fun - but likely because of Final Fantasy's more linear story line (compared to the Elder Scrolls) I believe it told the best tale. In Oblivion and Skyrim I often found myself not even remembered what the story was; instead off doing side quests way off the trail set before me. Although Final Fantasy offers these side quests, you are never far from having to move forward in what the developers want you to do; thus pushing the story onward so that the seriousness and emotion cannot be forgotten by the player. So which is better? I go more for a strong storyline, so I would have to say Final Fantasy (in particular FFX) .. even though I've logged double the time in Skyrim than I had in FFX. =D
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Fallout is the better RPG franchise.




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#10 Posted by iowastate (7922 posts) -

Fallout is the better RPG franchise.




could you let us know why you think so?
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I love both TES and Fallout, Final Fantasy is not really my cup o'tea. I fail to see how the franchises compare though, I think it has quite seperate audiences.

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#12 Posted by BobbleBeheader (25 posts) -
Another one of those dumb "which is better" posts...ugh... Still, I play along: The Elder Scrolls. Just because I love open world games, and I hate games where every move is predetermined.
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#13 Posted by StammBladecastr (245 posts) -

I disagree.  It's a very good game but I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever.

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#14 Posted by seanb12398 (57 posts) -
Elder scrolls= <3...........but anything involving final fantasy or jrpgs in general makes me shudder. Idk what it is. Whether its the art style or the games themselves they just bother me. i mean i can see why other people would like them. Its one of those things that i feel other people would like much more than I ever would every single time i play one.
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#15 Posted by Eraldus (494 posts) -
Topics like this are pretty much flame-war baits, if you ask me... Also, comparing ES with FF is just plain stupid! Both are completely different games, aside from being RPGs. ES is meant for people to fool around, explore a vast world, kill innocent people... stuff like that. As for FF, it's all about following a story, with a group of heroes going to save the world from an evil force. It involves exploring, but to a limited degree. Long story short, both games are on a completely different level, and both are awesome on their own level too.
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#16 Posted by MapRef41N93W (25 posts) -
Final Fantasy by a mile. TES is not even the best WRPG nonetheless even close to one of the best RPGs in general. Plus the last 2 Elder Scrolls games are terribly overrated half finished piles of junk.
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#18 Posted by Blueresident87 (5694 posts) -

I like Elder Scrolls better, overall. But they are very different games and not even close to the same style of RPG.

Final Fantasy would easily take it based off the early games, but Elder Scrolls consistently puts out good adventure/RPG games that the fans seem to want.

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#19 Posted by paxton2006 (25 posts) -
I Would Say Elderscrolls All in All Its Better I Enjoyed All Of There Games At Some Point. And With Final Fantasy I Only Enjoyed 2 of There Games FF7 Is The Best Storyline Ever But X Also Had A Good One Plus Blitzball rules lol But Hands Down Elderscrolls Is Better Good Main Storie Lines And Sidequests Also Latly Graphics Rule Love The Freedom And Open Worlds
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#20 Posted by wiouds (6233 posts) -

They are both good in different way. The final fanstay gamers are combat focus and the elder scrolls gamers are quests forcus.

The elder scroll games combat suck. There is nothing to them but the basic swing at enemy until it is dead and heal with needed. I am talking about a high level of diffculty too. The final fantasy games have much richer enemies and more deep combat which allows the player more to role play with.

There are more to do in the elder scroll games than combat.

I did enjoy final fantasy games story more too.

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#21 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4327 posts) -
Two of my favorite series. Final Fantasy is my ABSOLUTE favorite though. I own all of them besides 3,7, and 11.. But I will have 7 soon :)
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i'll let you know why i agree with Fallout. im tired of the stupid ogres, elves, and dragons. that crap is a rehash of a rehash of a rehash over and over. its so boring. if we couldnt count fallout, id put FF first just because there's variety. at least FF goblins probably have some crazy mech legs or run with dorky face, if you know what i mean.
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#23 Posted by Stargazer1293 (25 posts) -
Gotta go with Final Fantasy. The story and characters are just leaps and bounds ahead of anything I've ever personally experienced in the Elder Scrolls series, and these are the main reasons I'm drawn to RPG's and gaming as a whole in the first place. I never form any sort of a connection with characters in the Elder Scrolls games, and I end up losing interest in them before I've played them all the way to completion
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#24 Posted by taxman25 (100 posts) -

I like them both in their own right. I have played games ever since I was kid. I started with an Atari, Went to a Genesis, Playstation, Playstation 2. Gaming became my main hobby in the early 2000's when I received Final Fantasy X for my birthday and picked up Morrowind in the bargain bin at Walmart. After that I was hooked (to say the least) and I have been playing ever since.

I like the open world. Being able to do what you want go anywhere you want. That is available in the Elder Scrolls. That you can combine that classes and creat a sorcerer who is good with a sword.

I like the strategy that and planning that is involved with Final Fantasy.

RPG's are easily my favorite genre. Although some of the games seem to be classified as action adventure.

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#25 Posted by huerito323 (1432 posts) -

There is no winner here. It all comes down to personal preferance. I don't like JRPG's, so I never cared for Final Fantasy. I love The Elder Scrolls series though, just amazing games. 

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#26 Posted by NeonNinja (17318 posts) -

I'll take Final Fantasy over Elder Scrolls.  Just a more memorable series overall.

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#27 Posted by Martinsclose (25 posts) -
Someone on a similar forum said it brilliantly regarding Skyrim vs say, Dragon Age. They said Skyrim was like being given the keys to a Porsche for your birthday, but Dragon Age was being taken for a ride round the car park in a shopping trolley with your best mate. I love both franchises, but maybe Oblivion was a little bit 'cold'? JRPGs have a sort of innocent quality too, with relationships and teamwork. In Lost Odyssey, eg, you go adventuring with your grandkids and your bespectacled missus. I've loved both styles for different reasons.
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#28 Posted by Ilovegames1992 (14221 posts) -

Apples and oranges but i'd have to go with FF. Best JRPG series ever. 

I prefer Bioware stuff over Elder Scrolls series anyway.

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#29 Posted by Scholar_Of_Time (52 posts) -
I'm not a real fan of both, so I'm choosing Cladun: This is an RPG or Cladun x2 just because you can merge both of them with it.
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#30 Posted by Darnasian (1697 posts) -

Your question is both badly addressed and always receives an answer based on the views and tastes of the one who answers to it.

You're comparing 2 different games from 2 sub-genres that don't have much in common besides the fact they are RPGs.

There is no better between them, there is just the fact they are different. You're just asking for people's opinions on what they like more.  

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#31 Posted by berto64 (12689 posts) -

I disagree.  It's a very good game but I think Donkey Kong is the best game ever.


Dude that is not even a RPG.... that's a platformer. use your head idiot!