The decline of a franchise: Final Fantasy.

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Posted by Bigboi500 (35550 posts) 3 years, 10 months ago

Poll: The decline of a franchise: Final Fantasy. (20 votes)

Final Fantasy XII - convoluted story 15%
Final Fantasy XIII - linear game design 35%
Final Fantasy XIII-2 - bad sequel 15%
Final Fantasy XIII-3 - time constraints 5%
Final Fantasy XIV - not A Realm Reborn 0%
Other FF 30%

What do you think was the cause for the decline in the once-venerable series?

I've been reading a ton of negative comments and speculations about the future release of Final Fantasy XV. It just seems kind of unanimous consensus that the game will be bad. I remember a time when almost all of the opinions about FF as a series was positive.

What happened?

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#1 Posted by blamix99 (2685 posts) -

the only Final Fantasy that sucks to me is the XIII trilogy, XII and XIV are great games

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#2 Posted by Behardy24 (5324 posts) -

I'm not the biggest Final Fantasy fan in the world, so my comment won't have as much weight because I haven't played that much FF. But my thought is that as times were changing, the normal turn-based combat was becoming obsolete and people wanted more. Something different. So, Square Enix attempted to evolve as the times were changing, but in the long run, it didn't work out for them no matter how many pretty graphical pixels they put on screen.

Anyway, I've heard that Final Fantasy XIV- A Realm Reborn was good and that was turned around after a little while after the fail launch.

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#3 Posted by Bigboi500 (35550 posts) -

@blamix99 said:

the only Final Fantasy that sucks to me is the XIII trilogy, XII and XIV are great games

ARR is a great game. My poll mentions the XIV that came out before A Realm Reborn. I haven't played it but people say it was terrible.

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#4 Posted by Archangel3371 (23873 posts) -

Well personally I'm still enjoying the Final Fantasy games as much as ever so I don't think that it's really a franchise in decline. I like FFXIII and FFXIII-2, still need to get Lightning Returns. I haven't played either of the online ones though. Would like to get FFXIV but want the PS4 version so I need to get that system first. In fact FFXIV is my most wanted PS4 game. I am very much looking forward to FFXV.

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#5 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4327 posts) -

Well I've enjoyed every ff game besides xii. Haven't played xiv yet though.

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@Bigboi500 said:

@blamix99 said:

the only Final Fantasy that sucks to me is the XIII trilogy, XII and XIV are great games

ARR is a great game. My poll mentions the XIV that came out before A Realm Reborn. I haven't played it but people say it was terrible.

yeahh it is terrible and buggy, ARR turned the worm into a butterfly

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#7 Posted by Shmiity (6099 posts) -

Final Fantasy definitely has gone downhill. 13-1 13-2 13-3, who cares? Bravely Default was a better game. Who knows what's going to happen next with the series. Its like Resident Evil for me, I just dont care anymore.

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#8 Posted by ShepardCommandr (4939 posts) -

it all started with 10-2.........

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Your poll lacks FFX and FFX-2. They're the culprit of the series deterioration. Other than that, they felt "meh" in general.

EDIT: Oh wait, there's the "Other FF" option. My bad...

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#10 Posted by thehig1 (6433 posts) -

@ShepardCommandr: spot on, that's exactly were it started.

Games before that were all good, some better than others but all had there good points.

10 -2 was the worst in series, until 12 came out which took the title as worst in the series. ..then 13 took the title notice a pattern

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I just think they don't know what to do with the series. Between throwing shit at all the wall with XIII-2 and XIII-3 and turning a spinoff (Versus) into FFXV, it seems that they have trouble coming up with a strong concept.

Also, I thought XII was amazing and X-2's gameplay made up for its weak and cheesy story, so the only FF that really struck me as having huge problems (didn't play FFXIII-2 and FFXIII-3) is XIII and I could still see glimmers of FF excellence amidst its severe issues.

So again, SE does seem stuck in a creative rut, but I'm not ready to pour out liquor for the franchise.

Also, I'm not really seeing how FFXII's story is convoluted in comparison with some of the entries before it. FFVII and FFVIII have far more convoluted stories.

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#12 Posted by RadTad62 (667 posts) -

imo final fantasy x was the last real one

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#14 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (19564 posts) -

This series has always been terrible.....

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#15 Posted by blangenakker (3240 posts) -

They just need to give the franchise a rest after 15 is released. Give the employees something new to do.

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#16 Posted by JordanElek (18562 posts) -

They've tried drastically new things with each game since X, so I don't think it's really in decline; it's just hit or miss based on your preference. I loved XIII for its battle system and worldbuilding, but I know a lot of people disagree. It can't be denied that the mechanics of that game are like nothing else out there, whether you enjoyed them or not.

I'm glad that they're being risky instead of putting a new coat of paint over the same old gameplay every time. THAT would lead to a much harsher decline, I think. I'll just skip the ones that don't interest me, like XIII-3.

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#17 Posted by santoron (8583 posts) -

The series isn't in decline, but popular opinion has slid. No one knows how XV will turn out so using trolling opinions about it proves nothing.

Some people didn't like XIII's more linear nature in the early portion of the game, even though X was similar in design and was widely hailed, then XIV first launch was admittedly terrible. Now some people aren't happy XV (which used to be Vs XIII) is not a Sony exclusive, while others moan about the development length, and most just like to jump on any gripe bandwagon they see.

If XV turns out well maybe people will change their tune. Of course, XIV:ARR turned out to be a commercial and critical success and those that want to complain pretend it doesn't exist, so who knows?

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#18 Posted by vidplayer8 (18548 posts) -

I think even the FFXIII games had some interesting ideas. I think the franchise is in an alright place. XIV is great, and we haven't even seen much of XV. Also I thought XII was pretty amazing.

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#19 Posted by Metamania (12031 posts) -

No, the decline really happened with FFVIII, which is such a bad example of a FF game. It did get a lot better with IX and X, but got worse and worse after that. I heard that ARR is simply amazing though.

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#20 Posted by MrYaotubo (2880 posts) -

The decline started with FFVII as far as I´m concerned,when the whole series became flash over substance.

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#21 Edited by Kopogero (147 posts) -

FFVIII, FFIX were glorious because they were long, difficult, emotional and the characters were truly unique. Most importantly Square was on a mission to create the greatest Final Fantasy, not to cash on its success on the previous titles. Where you think the $ came for them to build MMORPG's like FFXI and FFXIV? All on the cost of ruining the genre to appeal to bigger paying audience that would generate far more income with box sale subs and require internet connection. Square only became greedy as time went by and the fact they choose to release the latest sequel FFXIII only for consoles simply said "fk u to all of their fans". Trying to force people to buy console just to enjoy the game, a game that was build on a PC and clearly the PC has all the technology and more for such game, but no GREED and IGNORANCE as usual.

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#22 Posted by deactivated-57ad0e5285d73 (21398 posts) -

The decline started with Final Fantasy 7 on psx. The game sold extremely well off of hype. People that normally didn't buy into the rpg genre bought the game. The hype surrounding the game was length and cinematics. This is where FF changed. There was next to no freedom in FF7. It had clunky controls and poorly designed areas. Square looks at the money though, and the money decides how games are made.

...FF almost always has great art direction, though.

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#24 Posted by mattykovax (22693 posts) -

I think it started with 7 but ten is what killed it at least for me, when it went ultra linear, cinematics over interaction, and pretty much stopped having anything to do with roleplaying beyond stat numbers and behind the scenes dice rolls.

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#25 Posted by mooooo99 (1252 posts) -

the only ff game i was disappointed with was lightning returns. i still completed it and enjoyed my time playing through this game. but the time constraints sucked. and the game did not look as polished as xiii. xiii still looks great visually. i dont think that the series is in decline.. but im hoping the next addition to the series will be awesome!

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#26 Posted by Old_Gooseberry (3957 posts) -

I lost a lot of interest in FF after ff9, its either the games got more boring or i just got tired of doing the grind.

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@behardy24 said:

the normal turn-based combat was becoming obsolete and people wanted more. Something different. So, Square Enix attempted to evolve as the times were changing,

I hate this statement. It is not true but too many believe that it is. I do not like 2D side scrolling and find myself thinking they are obsolete. I then need to stop myself because just because I do not like the game type does not mean it is obsolete or can not be a good game.

I think when they starting to think that same thing as the statement is when the games started to decline. They were trying to fix a problem that is not there while not focusing on what made that game play fun to some.