The best civilization game?

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Well Civ 4 the newest one with the best graphics (not counting Colonization), but I always loved Civ 3 the best. But I would highly recommend Civ 4.

Edit: Civilization isthe best turn-based strategygameseries around, and one of the best strategy series ever made. I don't think any other developers have matched Firaxis's ability to make a great strategy game.

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I have them all, like Civilization 2 the best. 3 and 4 are superior graphically, but they also made the formula a lot more complex. Civ 2 is just right for me.

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I think Civ 2 is the best of them all, especially with the live action advisors. Hilarious.

Although, my friend and I thoroughly enjoyed Civ: Call To Power..we just called it Civ 3 though. I would say, however, that CTP is the one where the devs went out on a limb and took many liberties with the units, wonders, and buildings you could build/create. Warmechs, starladder, sea and space colonies, etc. It was a bit over the top, but still very much enjoyable.

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Civilization IV with Beyond the Sword is easily the best Civ yet.

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wow! all these differing opinions. I guess I will have to just try them for myself. how about polulous or age of empires do they compare to civ?cezalinho

Never played Populous (I know, I know) but Age of Empires is a real time strategy. Basically, you have to worry a lot more about resources and getting an army built up fast in a real time strategy game. Its a completely different style, but if you like civilization youll probably like real time strategy games as well.

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Civ II and Civ 4 are equally great. If I had to say one, though, I would say Civ II, just because it's so simple yet so good.

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only played Civ IV and i loved it.

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Hmm....I think each Civ has been a moderate to large improvement over its predecessor, so my only conclusion can be that Civ 4 + expansions is the best.

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If we are counting alpha centuari, then that gets my vote. Otherwise Civ IV with expansions.