The Best Batman games that you can play on PC

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There have been so many great Batman (and other superheroes) games that have been developed and released in the past decade, most notably the Batman Arkham series. There is no denying that this sort of superhero games are very popular and game developers would definitely continue to churn out more of these games in this genre as long as there is a massive market for them.

With so many Batman games on the loose, it is rather hard to figure out which one of these games are the best. Personally, I am inclined to think that they are ALL great but I still wanted to know which one is the best. So, I did my research and compile a list on the modern Batman games which I felt are the best.

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Arkham Asylum is the best one.

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Stick with the Arkham series of games. Pretty much everything minus maybe the NES game is any good. The Arkham games are great.

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As mentioned before, the Arkham series is by far the best.

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As with everyone, the Arkham stuff is great. I personally loved Arkham Knight the most.

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To add to my post, Batman Vengeance is an older title but it's good. If you like Batman: The Animated Series, you'll love it.