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Nowadays, it's quite common for people to play the exact same games. With the advent of online gaming and the internet, gaming has become much more streamlined, and where people use to go to the store and buy whatever looked cool at the time, now people flock to the same exact games.

However, most of us have at least one game, that one game, that no one else seems to play. In fact, other people may even hate it. But to you, it's one of your favorites. A hidden gem, a secret indulgence, whatever you call it- it's that one game that you love, despite all the hate, and despite the fact no one wants to play it with you.

What, for you, is THAT game?

For me, it would have to be Timesplitters. Even though I love the series to death, and just recently stopped playing after over 10 years, I rarely found the opportunity to play with other people, as most people were only interested in playing the likes of Halo, CoD, etc.

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on here... a lot of games I play

barely anyone on here that I know who played Team Fortress Classic - actually no one on here that I know of that played competitively. I played for about 7 years in competitive league play.

actually just made a pretty awesome hidden: source video off of a warmup round. I played from 2006-2009 and just reinstalled. a few decent phys kills

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just some other titles I've been playing frequently over the past two years
battle garegga
mushihimesama futari

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Right now I'm playing EDF2025. A ton of people rip on it for looking ugly, poor localization, and claiming it's mind-numbingly repetitive, but between the 4 classes and the ridiculous number of available weapon types, there's actually an incredible amount of stategy and teamwork required to progress.

Otherwise, TMNT: OotS(though I tend to play the single player survival mode) and Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.

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Herzog Zwei

Total Annihilation

Both old games but I still have to play them every now and again.

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I keep replaying Tomba 2 from time to time, the way it's designed made it pretty timeless

Rune as well, the dark fantasy & Norse mythology carries that game for me on each playthrough; not to mention the awesome multiplayer

Team Buddies is another favorite of mine and an absolute blast to play in split screen, a great example of a cult-classic

There are other games as well like Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Pepsi Man, Predator: Concrete Jungle, Alien Soldier and many more that I flat-out love to replay, but they have been well received in the first place.

So yeah, in conclusion I have many of THOSE games, excellent to play until an awaited game hits the shelves

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On this site, pretty much everything I play regularly: Streets of Rage 1-3, anything Sonic, NiGHTS, Panzer Dragoon, Mega Man X-X4, Gunstar Heroes, Guardian Heroes, Thunder Force III-IV, MUSHA, Robo Aleste, Contra: Hard Corps, Rocket Knight, Shinobi, Virtual On, Raiden, Metal Slug, etc.

I think it's rarer for me to play the games that everyone else is playing.

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A game I return to every once in a while is Dragon Quest IX. It's my most played game of last gen.

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The game I plan to mention is pretty common,has a large following,and has produce millions of dollars for the developers and publishers of that game. But the first installment of that game's franchise was not as good as expect and it clearly had serious problems. But to this day, I love that game to death. I have played hours upon hours of that game spanning over many playthroughs. I have played the game to its hardest difficulty and then some. Not many people enjoyed this game because of its's flaws and would always recommeded people just play the sequel. (which I don't find that good compare to the first). This game has officially become my "happy" game and even named my PC after it. The game I am talking about is.....Mass Effect 1.