Super Mario World, SNES Forest of Illusion

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Hi, I was wondering if there there is supposed to be a level in the middle of forest Illusion. The walk ways from each level cross at a point in the middle (if you play you'll know what I'm talking about) and the area they cross at is shaped like a level but no level ever opens in that space.

So is there a level there I haven't unlocked, or is it nothing more than emphasising the crossing of the paths?



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it just crosses like that... i'm not sure why they did it that way, but they did.

there are plenty of secrets in that Forest, but this is not one of them.

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All i remember is that the ghost house has a 2nd exit that goes over an exsisting path so that is usually one people miss when they are going for the *96.... it was 96 different exits, right?
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There's no level there it just intersects like that.
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All levels with a red blip have two enterances. Meaning that there is two ways through the level.