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Just wondering what others have thought of Deadlight and this year's Summer of Arcade in general.

I just wrote about Deadlight on my blog (link in sig) and found it to be less interesting than many previous arcade games. Tony Hawks HD was a distinctly watered down version of what it could have (and perhaps should have) been and Wreckateer is a throwaway 3D Angry Birds clone.

I'm hoping that Dust is something to rival previous Xbox Live Arcade greats.

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I haven't turned my 360 on in 3 months, but I haven't felt like I've missed anything. This year's lineup looked pretty weaksauce compared to back when Microsoft was still interested in making games and not concept work for failed control mechanisms.

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I really enjoy dead light, kind of reminds me of shadow complex which I loved! And I enjoyed tony hawk as well, I didn't think it was watered down, it's as much fun as I remembered it being.
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I kind of felt Tony Hawks HD should have included a lot more of the stages from early Tony Hawks games and not just 7 stages. Would have been nice to have a few new stages thrown in too.
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I have to say each year this gets worse and worse with this year being the absolute worst. They need to rethink this again for next year. In the beginning I wanted to buy every title. This year? Only have an urge for Dust.
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Not a great year for SoA. The past offerings were always much better.

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Been keeping an eye on Dust not for over a year, maybe more. I don't like the theme, but the gameplay, artstyle and music all seem great.

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Jeff of Giant Bomb said it best.. Bummer of Arcade.