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#1 Posted by thedeepvi (5 posts) -

I have been playing FIFA 19 Ultimate Team from the first day it has released. however, Nowadays I figure out it is just wasting time and I face lots of problems, stress and etc.

I am looking for a game to play in my free time. I love the last of us. can you suggest a game like the last of us?

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#2 Posted by Speeny (1505 posts) -

@thedeepvi: You might like Left 4 Dead 2. (Left 4 Dead 2 is better than the original imo.)

Well if you like the horror genre...

Until Dawn is good.

Alan Wake.

Alien Isolation is a must play in my opinion.

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#3 Posted by darktruth007 (806 posts) -

Horizon Zero Dawn

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#4 Posted by silkylove (8466 posts) -

Sadly there’s nothing that has given me the same vibe as The Last of Us.

Somebody else mentioned Alien Isolation. That’s a good pick. I would also suggest the HD remake of Ico. If you don’t mind low-fi then Celeste.

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#5 Posted by phbz (4316 posts) -

@thedeepvi: God of War.

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#6 Posted by MclarenMaster18 (1325 posts) -

Which game genre you prefer the most?

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#7 Edited by RSM-HQ (8213 posts) -

I love the last of us. can you suggest a game like the last of us?

If you like The Last of Us because of its use of mature cinematics and storytelling- Horizon: Zero Dawn, The Witcher III, and God of War (IV) would fit that desire.

If you like it more for surviving a corrupt and mutated world with tense encounters- The Evil Within, TEW2, Revelations 2, and Resident Evil 7 are the best of the current generation.

Or just wait for Resident Evil 2 Remake.

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#8 Posted by KBigelow (4 posts) -

You could go to Quantic Foundry and fill out their gamer profile, they'll suggest games based on similarities between your answers and other survey-takers.

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#9 Posted by celespsycho (7 posts) -

I am having fun with Destiny 2.

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#10 Posted by Jackamomo (2157 posts) -

Super Off Road.

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#11 Posted by warmblur (2136 posts) -

@phbz said:

@thedeepvi: God of War.


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#12 Posted by MarkoftheSivak (252 posts) -

Shadow of the Tomb Raider, or the whole trilogy if you haven't.

Just finished the trilogy, man am I gonna miss Lara. I cannot wait to see what Lara does Next Gen.

Shadow > Rise > Tomb Raider.

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#13 Posted by il2crashesnfail (11 posts) -

Maybe try a Sim Il2 battle of Stalingrad would be a good change of pace!

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#14 Posted by Brag (17 posts) -

If you're in anguish, don't play video game, that's just denial, and i'm not being self-righteous.


Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Galaxy 2

Those game MIGHT cheer you up.

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#15 Posted by robert_sparkes (2914 posts) -

The first evil within has some similarities to last of us. Resident evil revelations 1 and 2 are worth a play through both not very long.

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#16 Posted by deactivated-5bfefe0ca606d (81 posts) -

Agents of mayhem on PS4 is pretty solid in my view

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#18 Edited by danielpacheco (159 posts) -

@thedeepvi: You´ll love This war of mine

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#19 Posted by newyorkcables (21 posts) -

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

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#20 Posted by gaminggod005 (44 posts) -

Honestly, I personally think due to the memes and amount of people using it ROBLOX

ROBLOX is actually fun with friends

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#23 Posted by samakawg (5 posts) -

Personally I Found Jak III an absolutely amazing game with such a massive map.

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#25 Edited by Dragagon (10 posts) -

Allods Online, but then on the subscription server.
It's an mmorpg in a sci-fi fantasy world.

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#27 Posted by Robbie23 (318 posts) -

Detroit become human.

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#28 Posted by Zeggelaar (179 posts) -

Horizon Zero Dawn

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#29 Posted by Robbie23 (318 posts) -

E.T on the Atari.

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#32 Posted by Glasswatt (1 posts) -

i recomend left 4 dead both

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#33 Posted by jellyWoo (7 posts) -

Horizons Zero Dawn or Witcher 3

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#35 Posted by Bilic42 (10 posts) -

Last of us 2 is being made.

I liked Resident evil 7 and waiting for the remake to part 2 this month.

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#36 Posted by GNS (318 posts) -

Wow, everyone is way off point. If TC wants tomething like The Last of Us, then HZD, Witcher, GoW etc. really, really is somewhere out in the woods for him.

1) TellTale's The Walking Dead

2) Resident Evil

3) Dying Light

for starters. These are games about zombies or zomby-esque viruses

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#40 Posted by Enragedhydra (1078 posts) -

This War of Mine is a great game and it is cheap

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#42 Posted by gm1049 (11 posts) -

tribio puzzle.

I tried it because it was released this week.

If you like brain games, you can do it.

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#43 Posted by Jackamomo (2157 posts) -

You could buy a walking excercise machine, prepare 10 litres of gruel, add kitty litter to it and pipe it into your stomach directly, attach weights to your ankles and put on something melodramatic and aimed at young teenagers that has the clear intent of depth but lacks the life experience then handcuff yourself to the excercise machine for the authentic feeling of inescapable grindy pointlessness.

Or you could play Nintendo. Sup to you.

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#44 Posted by flam (7 posts) -

Dude, you can play Fleazer. It's similar to frogger but different in it's own way, very addicting and fun game.

It's on Steam now!: Fleazer

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#45 Posted by Jackamomo (2157 posts) -


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#46 Posted by scottjoanna (3 posts) -

God of War

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#48 Posted by HeraldSeras (3 posts) -

Try Factorio, its pretty nice

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#50 Posted by Anadunae (5 posts) -

Red dead redemption 2. Great campaign.