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You know when you get too bored or too good and you create dumb fun in video games? Example would be the 1 up run-away challenge in Mario 64

For me...when I played Medal of Honor Frontline and I happen to die I can't just jump back in the beginning of the level and call all fine and hunky dorey. I usually get back out and start making music with the main menu options. (The Folder, Headset, Film Case, Box, and Gun) If you timed it right you could make a sick beat with the Folder, Gun, and Box or the Folder, Headset, and Film Case.

Also in Metal Gear Solid 1 I would always be constantly running around on the first level where your footprints are seen...just trying to see what stuff I could get away with or what kind of pattern I could get the guards to follow Lol they will follow figure 8 patterns pretty good.

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Normally when i get bored with a game, i play something else or stop and go out.