Starting Red Dead Redemption (the original that is)

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So now that I've completed gta4 I realize that was good practice for this game. In fact I have to ask, what are the essential differences between Red and gta4? It seems like it's designed in a similar way as gta4 and also includes a list of characters who give you various missions. Is the premise the same in that you have story missions that you can follow in a linear way to complete the game, with side missions if you want to linger? And what's the story? Just arresting or killing the cowboy gang you meet at the beginning?

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I played this game but I didnt think it was very good. Haven't played GTA 4 but it is a game where you have story missions you can follow in a linear path and there's side missions you dont have to do. I dont wanna spoil the story but essentially you're trying to get back to where you can be with your family by killing members of youre old gang as I recall.

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Red Dead Redemption is exactly the same as Grand Theft Auto. Only difference is that it takes place in 1911 so it's horses instead of cars and like no machine guns in your arsenal. The story's really good imo and things get pretty epic towards the end. I just recently completed my second playthrough after RDR2 so it'd be in chronological order and boy was that a mistake. It felt like I hopped into a time machine lol

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Your in for a great ride red dead 1 is one of my favourite games of all time.

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Yeah, it plays out in a similar way as GTA IV in the ways you described. Open world with various side missions and activities. You can play story missions on and off as you wish and progress at your own pace. The story is basically that you (John Marston) are essentially forced to hunt down members of the old gang you ran with. RDR2 is a prequel, so its entire story is surrounding around the events that occurred while he was with this gang.

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How come RDR is so easy? In GTA4 I would have to do most of the missions 3-30 times to pass them! With RDR I just blow through.

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RDR is excellent game in its own right. The opening bits are rather dull, with cow herding and such mandatory stuff you have to chore thru.

But then you start meeting real interesting characters, get more involving missions and when you get to Mexico the game really starts to shine.

It is easier than GTAIV for sure. Lot easier. But if you wanna do all the wanted missions and bring the criminals back alive, this adds nicely to the challenge. As does the various hunting challenges and whatnots.

But yeah. If you upgrade your ammo carrying capabilities early on, the game is quite easy as most missions can be finished via cover based shooting.

But once you get to RDR2, you'll find its even easier.