Spider-Man Feedback Needed.

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Hello Everyone!

I have just a few of question for you.

  • What do you all think is the Best and Worst elements of any/all Spider-Man games?
  • How are the controls? (combat/web swinging)
  • Story line and mission elements?
  • Mini games?
  • Over all flow and feel?
  • What would you like to see?
  • Keep seeing?
  • Have fixed?
  • Even dropped out of the games altogether?
  • Biggest beef with camra angles?
  • What has worked best in past games?
  • What's missing from them all?

I'm looking for as much feedback as possible, so please whatever you got just let me know. I've started writing my own script for a Spider-Man game and long shot or not of anything ever happening with it, I still need to take notes and that's where all of you come in.

Thanks in advance.