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Hey guys i am new here, so if this is in the wrong area please say so. Anyway, i made this thread in order to help with the SC community ( and to help with our DLC petition. please give positive feedback regarding this topic. Site link: Thread for petition: Facebook Page for petition:!/DlcsSoulCaliburV Facebook page for SC:!/SoulCalibur
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Hi Folks! I am totally new to this and I need some specific assistance. Thanks in advance! I am playing Soul Calibur 5 (SCV) and I am stuck in trying to complete an achievement. The achievement I am going after is unlocking all 432 titles. I am currently at 419. I have figured out that I do need to play all of the standard characters in "Arcade" on "Hard" level of difficulty. Those ones are easier to attain, yet a bit difficult in that it's taking quite a bit of time. The end result is all worth the effort. Here's where I'm having the biggest difficulty. On the last 2 pages, I have 3 characters left to unlock. I know that they are an "Aeon", "Al Gol" (2nd to last page) and a "Pyrrha" (last page) builds. Nicknames (respectively) for these characters are "Lord of the Seas", "Rough Giant Star", and "Soul Successor". In scrolling through the pages (seeing 'nicknames', level of fighter {E-5 to A1}, title name, and even the map of which are they are from), I have seen the Al Gol character once and the Pyrrha character twice. I've tried changing the search perimeters for all three choices and I'm having no success. I have tried playing against the Al Gol's and Pyrrha's characters once and did not beat them. I have never seen the choice for the Aeon build. Simply put, I have looked everywhere that I know to look and I can't find them so I can beat them so I can earn this achievement. Here are my questions..... 1. How do I find these 3 characters? 2. What am I forgetting to do so that they might turn up? 3. Will I have to go at this differently in order to find them? 4. Is there another question that I'm not asking or a viewpoint I have not considered yet to help me find them? 5. In going at it in the process I have done, have I doomed myself from being able to unlock them? If you will, please send me an e-mail to or or just reply here. I'm committed to seeing this achievement through as it stinks to get this close to the end and not be able to finish it. Thanks! Mr. Johnson!!